Which packing personality describes you and your business travel style?


You're heading out on your next business trip and need to pack. Whether you're a first-time business traveler or a seasoned pro, your packing style says a lot about your travel style. 

Which packing personality are you? 

1. Roll it up

You heard that rolling your clothes diminishes wrinkles and saves space. Everything from inner layers to jackets gets the “tube” treatment. This classic packing strategy is nothing new, but it does the job. If it works for you, why not?

Packing tips: Use packing cubes to hold similar items and limit the number of shoes you bring. (They are heavy, take up space and can't be rolled.) Plan interchangeable outfits so you're not rolling on and on.


2. No such thing as over-prepared

But you can over-pack. Do your back and your sanity a favor by only bringing the essentials. A business trip is not an excursion into the far, remote outposts of civilization. They have stores where you're going.

Packing tips: To feel prepared and comfortable, bring daily personal items, work electronics and comfortable favorites from your wardrobe. Stick to the tried and true.


3. Convenience is king

You're already converted to carry-on-only travel. Efficiency and cost-savings motivate you to keep any magpie urges in check. You pack every inch and corner of your bags with just the necessities and float through airports in a calm mood.

Packing tips: You hardly need advice, but we'll say it anyway! Keep your electronics in an easily accessible pocket for passing through security and download your work documents or a playlist in case you have time to wait at the gate. After all, you're well prepared.


4. Optimize your packing plan

New packing tips from Tiktok? You've tried it. You've also researched your destination, checked the weather, and looked up the menu at nearby restaurants.

Packing tips: Here are a few bonus tips. Pack structured jackets on hangers to avoid crushing or wrinkling the shoulders. Keep necklaces from tangling by threading them through a straw.


5. No worries for nomads

Nomads are experienced travelers who know what it takes to make the journey comfortable. Take what you've learned from vacations and day trips and apply those lessons to business travel. There's a lot of cross-over. Packable layers, a lightweight water bottle and comfy shoes are ideal items to pack.

Packing tips: Keep it polished and professional with clothing that's stain and wrinkle-resistant. A pocket sewing kit, stain-removing pen and lint roller are vital pieces to keep you looking your best.


6. Pro at procrastinating

Where did the time go? When you didn't plan, or it's a last-minute trip, packing can be a hectic first step to your trip. At least you locked the door at home, right? Right?

Packing tips: Make sure you have your documents, itinerary, contact information and a spare change of clothes in your carry-on. And take a big, deep breath. The hotel will have shampoo.

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