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You’ve got places to go and need travel tech that is convenient, efficient, and reliable. Whether you’ve got to get to that next board meeting, SKO, or client meeting, we can handle it. VIPs, visa support, personalized requirements for hotels, car hire and trains? We’ve got it all covered.  

Take travel to the next level with comprehensive data, analysis and recommendations per individual, project or by trip. 

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Get your travelers where they need to go. Your dedicated travel consultant is here to help you with complicated bookings, unexpected hiccups, and maximizing your budget.
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Get a detailed picture of what you’re spending and where. Spot trends and find ways to save money and improve your processes with Melon’s comprehensive data.
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Breathe easy. If something goes wrong or things change last-minute, you’re never left stranded. Travelers can get in touch any time, any day, from any device.
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Find negotiated rates and Melon Exclusive Deals, and gain access to all of the best options on airfares, hotels, and cars, for all your business travel needs.
Go beyond the ordinary. Our experts get your people where they need to go. Whether visiting remote locations or racing to a sales kickoff, our team has your back.
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Meet Melon

A travel management platform that makes business travel a breeze.   Melon is everything you need to manage your business travel program quicker and easier than ever.   

  •  Ultra-intuitive design
  • 5-minute bookings
  • On-point reporting for smarter decision-making
  • Access to the best rates & perks
  • Live-chat with a travel consultant

Melon is the ultimate travel management solution that covers all your bases from booking, reporting, policy, and more.  


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Caring for people and planet

Here’s how Melon and our expert travel consultants deliver a safe and sustainable travel experience.  

  • Traveler information and advice is provided ahead of a trip. 
  • Real-time alerts are sent to travelers for delays, disruptions or disasters. 
  • Traveler tracking and risk maps allow you to monitor travelers in emergencies.  
  • Continuous monitoring of global alerts  to keep travelers safe. 
  • Regular reviews of your duty of care program. 
  • We help you find the most environmentally friendly suppliers, track your carbon footprint, and more. 
  • Tips and reviews to reduce stress and improve traveler wellbeing. 

Corporate Traveler provides a level of service that's both thorough and anticipatory. We're an incredibly fast-moving business and to have a partner as nimble as us managing our travel needs is invaluable.

Caroline Roche, Chief of Staff @ Bumble
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The safety, welfare and wellbeing of our staff is a primary focus. Knowing that Corporate Traveller can offer 24-hour assistance to our staff and have a clear understanding of their requirements is essential. In addition to their safety, we want staff to be confident that we have worked together to ensure the itineraries offer the quickest and most comfortable travel experience. Corporate Traveler helps us achieve this.


Shape Services

Managing our account for so long, Francesca has been able to learn the needs and preferences of our regular travellers, which makes our communication quite easy. Francesca has been proactive in analysing our regular travel and speaks to hotel managers. Thanks to her, Holovis has benefitted from some great savings by getting corporate hotel rates.


Ada, Travel Booker @ Holovis

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It's time for better business travel management

With the perfect balance of modern travel technology and dedicated experts, you really can have the best of both worlds.

  • Dedicated travel consultant
  • Intuitive all-in-one travel platform
  • Search, book, and report in minutes
  • 24/7 emergency support & live-chat
  • Traveler tracking & duty of care dashboard
  • Melon Exclusive Deals, negotiated rates, and more!


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