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The savings really add up

ct us added value made simple

Added value made simple


Great deals just for you

Snag the best prices on air travel, hotels, and cars, thanks to our huge network. It’s all about getting you more for less.

Save time, stress less

Booking a business trip online or with an expert travel consultant is a breeze. Free up your time for more important stuff.

Stick to the rules, effortlessly

Our personalized solutions keep your business travel costs in check and within the rules of your policy, so you always have a pulse on your budget.

Perks on perks

Get ready for the VIP treatment with perks like free Wi-Fi, late check-outs, or upgrades with our Melon Exclusive Deals.


Gain clarity with better business travel reporting  





Every penny accounted for 

Dive into every detail of your business travel spend to find opportunities to trim costs without compromising on quality. Perfect for businesses looking to drill down expenses and boost efficiency. 




Policy compliance visualized 

See how well your travel rules are sticking, with insights to boost compliance and fine-tune your travel strategy. Business travel reporting is key to tightening policy adherence and enhancing travel efficiency. 




Green travels at a glance 

Keep track of your carbon footprint, and receive guidance. It’s an essential tool for companies committed to positive environmental impacts. 

Keep tabs on your team



Keep tabs on your team 

Get instant visibility on where in the world your team is with our traveler tracking report. It's perfect for enhancing the safety of business trips, supporting duty of care, and streamlining communication. 




Your savings scoreboard 

Stay on top of your savings. Our experts deliver insights that unveil the real impact of your business travel policies with a clear view of your corporate travel savings wins. 

Endless choice, more savings


See your savings soar 

Uncover how much you stand to save on corporate travel with a few clicks. Our interactive calculator makes it quick and easy to see the difference we could save you on your bottom line. 


Try our Savings Calculator

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Our booking fees have fallen and we’re now capturing more travel spend and have greater overall visibility, allowing us to really pinpoint where there are further savings to be made.

Vicki Mann, Executive Assistant @ New Era  






Fueling efficiency and savings with travel management 

A-Gas was facing rapid growth and global expansion, when they partnered with Corporate Traveler to streamline their business travel management. The result: 10% yearly savings and increased efficiency.  


Fueling efficiency and savings with travel management 

Through strategic planning, including advanced bookings and choosing cost-effective airlines, A-Gas significantly slashed their business travel expenses, demonstrating the power of proactive travel management. 


Fueling efficiency and savings with travel management 

A-Gas unified their global travel program, enhancing visibility and control over travel expenses for over 200 business travelers across multiple continents. 


Fueling efficiency and savings with travel management 

The partnership with Corporate Traveler not only helped save money and time, but also provided A-Gas with invaluable insights and support, optimizing their entire business travel program. 



It's time for better business travel management

With the perfect balance of modern travel technology and dedicated experts, you really can have the best of both worlds.

  • Dedicated travel consultant
  • Intuitive all-in-one travel platform
  • Search, book, and report in minutes
  • 24/7 emergency support & live chat
  • Traveler tracking & duty of care dashboard
  • Melon Exclusive Deals, negotiated rates, and more!


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