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Corporate travel management booking platform

Meet Melon.

A travel management platform that makes business travel a breeze.

Melon is everything you need to manage all the pieces of your business travel program, quickly, and easier than ever.

  • Ultra-intuitive design
  • 5-minute bookings
  • On-point reporting for smarter decisions
  • Access the best rates, no debates
  • Live-chat with a travel consultant

Melon is the ultimate travel management solution that covers all your bases from booking, safety, reporting, policy, and expense.

Ready to see it in action?

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Our business? Getting you there.


What our customers say about us

“Corporate Traveler provides a level of service that’s both thorough and anticipatory. We’re an incredibly fast-moving business and to have a partner as nimble as us managing our travel needs is invaluable.”

Caroline Roche, Chief of Staff @ Bumble


“Working with Corporate Traveler allows us to get key personnel there on time and most importantly, safely. It’s been seamless; they understand our business, conscious of costs and are an instrumental part of our operations.”

Stephen Cochrane @ Rotech Subsea Ltd

“Our booking fees have fallen and we’re now capturing more travel spend and have greater overall visibility, allowing us to really pinpoint where there are further savings to be made.

Vicki Mann, Executive Assistant @ New Era


effortless business travel

Upgrade to effortless

Business travel is an investment, and it should feel simple. Take your business travel to the next level with exceptional service every step of the way.

With a blend of knowledgeable travel experts and seamless digital experiences, we’ve got you covered from door to door. Every experience, every interaction, every trip should feel simple, worry-free, effortless.


unparalleled service

corporate travel agent

Industry expertise? We know the ins and outs.

We make knowing how your business travels our business. The result? A travel management solution that perfectly balances adaptability and reliability. Trust us to expertly guide your business travelers – while catering to your company’s unique needs. 

Whether it’s meetings, events, or industry-specific travel requirements (and all their quirks), consider it covered.


industry experts

corporate travel discounts

Supercharged savings & deals

Unlock exclusive negotiated rates to keep your costs down. With our vast global network, corporate travel deals are at your fingertips.

Looking for amazing value and choice for your next flight? Consider it done. How about rates at your preferred hotels? Of course! Our robust business travel management approach, fueled by powerhouse partnerships, means unrivaled value, sterling service, and a business travel experience that saves you time and money.


start saving

Are you a decision maker, travel booker or corporate traveler?

The decisions start and stop with you. No pressure! We’ll help you keep travelers safe and in policy while improving your bottom line. Win win.
You’re the one who keeps the travelers moving. Our intuitive platform was designed with you in mind. Enjoy simpler bookings and traveler tracking at your fingertips.
Your next business trip just got way better. Book, change, and track your travels on your phone or let your dedicated consultant handle it for you.

The right travel policy?

It's a game changer.

Let your corporate travel policy work for you. Think of it as your go-to playbook, guiding each trip, from important meetings to long-term projects.

Dive in with us, craft a policy that’s unique to your business, and transition from travel turbulence to clear, confident skies.

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