Case Studies

“The melon platform serves as an easy-to-use travel search engine as well as an intelligent booking tool. My favorite thing about Melon is the Chat support functionality and incredible response times. I can quickly message a real, live agent and get the support that I need, then go about my day.”


“Using the company recommended spend tool has seamlessly driven down travel spend with little impact on the traveler’s experience.”

Kiernan Doyle, Sr. Strategic Sourcing Manager @ Prescient

“Corporate Traveler provides a level of service that’s both thorough and anticipatory. We’re an incredibly fast-moving business and to have a partner as nimble as us managing our travel needs is invaluable.​”

Caroline Roche, Chief of Staff​ @ Bumble

“The consistency and reliability are such an advantage to us. We never hesitate to call you and never feel like we’re interrupting. That and being pleasant and always really good about what’s happening makes a huge difference.”​

Nancy McAdams & Nadege Ripley, Executive Assistants​ @ Moderna

“With you guys, it’s a complete package – you take out the stressful part of organizing travel and getting us where we need to be and ​I feel very at ease if something difficult arises during the trip, knowing I can get a response and its personal. In a stressful travel environment, you make it stress free.”

Bob Forest, ​Managing Partner @ Adrian Smill + Gordon Gill Architecture

Since 2020, Webber has entrusted the travel of hundreds of their people to the hands of Corporate Traveler due to the quality of service and the support of a trusted travel leader. All they needed was a travel team equally dedicated to empowering them.

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