Case Studies

“The melon platform serves as an easy-to-use travel search engine as well as an intelligent booking tool. My favorite thing about Melon is the Chat support functionality and incredible response times. I can quickly message a real, live agent and get the support that I need, then go about my day.”


“Using the company recommended spend tool has seamlessly driven down travel spend with little impact on the traveler’s experience.”

Kiernan Doyle, Sr. Strategic Sourcing Manager @ Prescient

“Corporate Traveler provides a level of service that’s both thorough and anticipatory. We’re an incredibly fast-moving business and to have a partner as nimble as us managing our travel needs is invaluable.​”

Caroline Roche, Chief of Staff​ @ Bumble

"The dedication they have to their customers is extremely important to us … Knowing that there is an emergency line and always an agent ready to find any type of solution to get our guys here is extremely important and a great help. (It's) definitely something I was nervous about beforehand, something I've run into issues with in the past." 

Emily Epstein, Coordinator, Alumni PR & Team Historian @ New York Mets

"I truly do not have to worry about managing travel. I'm confident in that team assisting. The biggest benefit is that if it's a Saturday, if someone says, ‘Hey, my flight's delayed, and I missed my connection,’ I know exactly where they need to go."

Patrice Mistretta, Business Operations Manager @ Eliquent Life Sciences

There's nothing quite like managing travel for reality TV, especially one as unique as Naked and Afraid. For Battle Beat Productions, they needed an agile and expert travel manager to assist with their production schedule which typically produces 2-3 shows per year and with short notice. Enter Corporate Traveler, Stage, Screen and Sport's very own Emma Mitchell. 
Maintaining the status quo? Not the Mets. While other teams might be okay with sticking to the "norm", the New York Mets most needed high-touch service and a user-friendly way of booking. While the team had an online booking tool before, it seemed usage was limited. Their travel program saw a ton of leakage from people booking on their own. Travel was becoming costly and inefficient, until they were introduced to Corporate Traveler.
Since 2020, Webber has entrusted the travel of hundreds of their people to the hands of Corporate Traveler due to the quality of service and the support of a trusted travel leader. All they needed was a travel team equally dedicated to empowering them.

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