Naked and Afraid


Going remote

Battle Beat Productions produces riveting reality TV shows like Naked & Afraid, Naked & Alone and Naked & Afraid XL, airing on the Discovery Channel. The travel program covers 20-50 crew and up to 15 contestants on trips to remote locations in countries like South Africa, the Philippines, Argentina, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Columbia, Mexico and others.

Small remote airport


Many moving parts

Travel for filming Naked and Afraid, plus its offshoots, often involves small regional flights and meeting up with local fixers who know the regions well. Booking needs to happen very quickly, from two weeks to a few days before travel. Changes and last-minute adjustments are common when contestants ‘tap out’ and need to fly home the next day or when crew members need to travel overnight. 

On top of that, production schedules can overlap since there are 2-3 shows filmed each year. Filming is dependent on weather and mostly happens from March to November. And then there’s the handling of visa requirements for far-flung destinations and keeping camera gear safe and secure.

Production camera in forest

Gearing up for a good show

Battle Beat Productions were looking for a new travel management partner and came to Corporate Traveler Stage, Screen & Sports in 2022. Since then, Natasha Ehmke, Production Supervisor, has worked with Travel Manager Emma Mitchell and have set up a great system for booking quickly and efficiently.

Emma is a pro when it comes to managing travel for the entertainment industry. She knows all the struggles and challenges of traveling for production and performance. Media bag rates? Check. Switching plans last minute? No problem.

“I have had an exceptional experience working with Corporate Traveler Stage, Screen & Sports. Travel Agent Emma and her team have been instrumental in seamlessly managing our travel needs across the globe. Their attention to detail and proactive approach have ensured that our team travels smoothly, despite the unpredictable nature of our industry. The after-hours support team has been particularly remarkable, providing reassurance that our travel needs are always in capable hands, no matter the time zone. I highly recommend Corporate Traveler Stage, Screen & Sports for their professionalism, expertise, and unwavering commitment to ensuring our travel experiences are stress-free and efficient.” 
  Natasha Ehmke, Production Supervisor @ Battle Beat Productions

Dozens of details and unusual itineraries

Travel schedules look a little different for reality TV production than for other industries. It takes time and a skilled team to work out the best flights for complex itineraries.

And don’t spoil the surprise! It’s crucial to make sure contestants aren’t on the same flights or arriving at the same time. Their journey is a complex chain of local US flights, international ones and then more local flights.

A journey is made up of a thousand steps, but the finale is what everyone remembers. Careful pre-planning is essential, but support for unexpected road bumps ensures a good review in the end.