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Travel management made for the manufacturing industry

Keeping to plan starts with clear blueprints and your team where they need to be. Travelers who work in manufacturing can have a range of requirements on top of the challenge of navigating complex itineraries to places some people haven’t even heard of. It can be tough to manage.

That’s where we come in. At Corporate Traveler, we lighten the load. For two decades we’ve worked with U.S. equipment manufacturers and product manufacturers to make travel the least of their worries. With changing crews and long-term stays, the comfort and safety of your people are a top priority, and the added value, service, and savings are a bonus!

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Here’s just a few companies that trust us with their travel needs:

Canadian Solar
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Bray International

What makes Corporate Traveler stand out?


Our secret sauce is our blend of people & tech. Need dedicated service? Our team takes that to the next level. Find out more about Beyond Energy's experience working with Corporate Traveler in this in-depth testimonial.

We know what you need

Our team of travel experts have more than 20 years of experience supporting the needs of U.S.-based equipment manufacturers and product manufacturers, so we understand the unique needs of every facet of manufacturing.

Through our proactive onboarding, we’ll work with you to discover the best ways to streamline your travel processes and manage the unique needs of your business. Get the peace of mind you want, the trust you need, and the flexibility that’s important to keep your projects on track.

Safety on the go

Flexibility with safety first?

Your team is in the best hands.
Bring on the deals! You've earned it

Extended out-of-country stays?

Find a home away from home.
Everything you need to know

Complex reporting needs?

Just a few clicks away.

You’re traveling where?!

Don’t worry, we know the way.
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In a jam in a different time zone?

We’ve got your back, 24/7.

"I finally felt comfortable stepping away from the travel booking process because of the robust onboarding process, reporting tools, as well as trusting our travel manager and online booking platform to enforce our policy."

Hillary McElroy, Strategic Assistant to the CEO @ FiberVisions

“Our Consultant and Account Manager are a wonderful team, with a friendly and accommodating approach, who consistently work in an efficient and timely manner, with no request being too small and 24/7 support. Their online tool and mobile apps are user friendly and have clear billing and payment instructions.”


Bernadette Reilly @ Lutron EA Ltd

“A large number of our staff are required to travel overseas; sometimes to quite remote and unusual locations. Corporate Traveler always provide us with a fast response, detailing exactly what we need – whatever the request might be! They have a wealth of knowledge, are friendly and professional and are always efficient.”


Sara Callaghan @ Griffon Hoverwork

“We send our engineers out to customers that can be in as far flung places as Papua New Guinea to China. This results in the company having unique requirements and expectations. Step in Corporate Traveler, the superb service and attention to detail cannot be faulted.”


Sharon Brennan @ Inciner8 Ltd


Why is it important for manufacturing companies to work with a travel management company?

Caela talks through some of the key reasons:

  • Client customization
  • 24/7 after-hours support
  • Optimize your travel spend
  • User-friendly travel technology

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