Committed to Equality for All

At Corporate Traveller, equal rights are central to the way we operate. We are committed to having a diverse workforce and as a global player in the travel industry, we have the opportunity to lead the way and help bring about change to this sector. We believe everyone is welcome and appreciated both as an employee and as a customer. However, the recent death of George Floyd and many others and the massive demonstrations which have arisen in response to the racism and violence experienced by black and minority communities, has caused us to reflect and challenge ourselves to do better, and to do more.

As a company, we owe it to our people, our customers and our communities to categorically condemn these acts of violence. Never has it been more important to stand together and stand up for justice.

In order to ensure that we take meaningful action that will have a long-term, positive impact, we’re taking the time to listen and encourage the right dialogue to educate and inform ourselves and gather feedback. From there, we will be strengthening our global initiatives by establishing a committee that will focus on diversity, and race relations within our organization. The committee will help guide our decisions and implement appropriate, influential action. We’re working to identify a diversity officer that will serve as an internal point of contact for our employees who may need support, act as a representative on the committee, and assist in educating senior management on issues within our organization related to diversity and racism.

This is an extremely difficult time. We know we all have work to do. However, we believe that if we unite as an organization, if we can listen and inform, we’ll be able to take action in a way that will have a significant, lasting and positive impact within our organization and hopefully, beyond.

We do whatever it takes. Talk travel with us.

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