This Administrative Professionals Day, We Want to Say, “Thank You!”

24 April 2019

As a travel management company, many of us have the pleasure of sharing our work days with a multitude of exceptional administrative professionals in diverse industries across the country. And we love it.

Today marks the 68th annual Administrative Professional Day, which is one of our favorite days of the year! Each Wednesday of the last full week of April, businesses, schools and non-profits take the time to acknowledge those extraordinary colleagues who expertly manage the time, resources, and reputation of their organizations.


The first Secretaries’ Day was created in 1952, and it evolved into National Secretaries Week by 1955. This week of appreciation then transformed into Professional Secretaries Week by 1981, and finally expanded to Administrative Professionals Week in 2000, which we continue to celebrate each year.

We expect that the holiday will transform again as administrative roles continue to evolve.

The fact is, most administrative roles stretch well beyond their job descriptions. From solving problems before anyone else realizes they exist, to keeping a cool head in the most stressful situations, and even going as far as finding babysitters and booking personal trips for executives. Many administrative professionals are also expected to manage business travel plans- a complex task that often requires working well outside of office hours to attend to last-minute bookings, troubleshooting emergencies, and organizing travel expenses for multiple travelers at a time.

At Corporate Traveler, we know that being able to trust your business travel to our 24/7 team translates to a less stressful and more efficient work day (and peace of mind when you head home for the night).  We see your hard work, and we couldn’t do our jobs well without you!

So, this Administrative Professional Day, we want to say thank you!

Thank you for always being on the ball when your colleagues are on the road.

Thank you for knowing exactly how to bring meetings and events to the next level.

Thank you for having astonishing patience.  

Thank you for being your team’s walking encyclopedia.

Thank you for doing so much for others, every day.

Most of all, thank you for making our workdays brighter with your support and friendship.


We do whatever it takes. Talk travel with us.

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