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The Ultimate Airport Survival Guide for the Holidays

Traveling during the holidays can be stressful at the best of times. When traveling for work, it can be even more important that everything goes smoothly and on schedule. A few simple airport survival tips and planning can go a long way in making your travel experience more relaxed.

Plan ahead to plan better

The best way to survive the busy season is to start planning as early as possible. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Do you know the basic details of your trip and where you're headed? Is there anything that could cause a mix-up, like multiple airport transfers, late hotel check-ins, or two places with the same name? (It happens to the best of us.)


Double-check the day before

Check in early if you can. Make a short list of actions to do and double-check it no later than the day before you travel. Now, you've got your own personal travel survival guide. It should include a checklist for packing, estimated timelines and emergency contact information.

Plan how long it will take to get to the airport, with time to spare. Planning to arrive early can add a bit of peace of mind. Flight delays and long lines for security checks can all lead to issues, but you'll be alright. You came prepared!

View your itinerary in the Melon app and download any other travel tools you need. Melon stores useful stuff like your driver's license, passport and loyalty numbers. Everything you need for a trip is at your fingertips. Before you leave, take a look at the app and see where the chat feature is.


Packing with precision

Lay out your personal ID, phone, laptop (plus cords and chargers) and essentials like wallet, keys, glasses or medications in a spot you'll see easily. Add your passport, visas, or TSA Pre-Check and local currency for international flights.

Pack all these items in an easily accessible place, like your hand luggage or personal item. Flights can be booked to the max during peak travel times, and you might be asked to check your carry-on bag.


All-star gear for air travel

Having the right travel gear can make air travel more comfortable and relaxed. Anything that helps create your own little private bubble can be helpful.

Noise-canceling headphones block out loud engine noise, loud talkers, or can help you sleep during a long delay. Charge them and any other electronic devices before you head out. Download the files you'll need if you plan to work along the way.

Not all essential gear is high-tech. What gets you through a long day at the office, especially in the afternoon? That's right, snacks. Might as well pack something to look forward to.

Bring your favorite snack bar or munchie for something to tide you over during delays or if you don't have time to hit the airport food section or departure lounge. Seasoned travelers swear by items like a collapsible water bottle as well.

Do you run hot or run cold? Airplanes and airports tend to feel cold for most people, so squeeze a scarf or sweater into your carry-on bag. If you're always hot, dress in layers that can be removed.


Surviving a sudden change of plans

There's been a sudden delay, a closure or a cancellation. Now what?

No worries, just get in touch with your dedicated travel consultant or after-hours support team to change and rebook. You don't need to run around the airport or stand in line. Chat-based support is available 24-7 to help in case of any travel changes. Connect quickly with your TMC, who can get you back on track and already has your travel preferences on file.

Then, take a deep breath. The secret survival tip is that you need a travel survival guide.

But with Corporate Traveler, help is only a few minutes away. Chat with a travel expert in the Melon mobile app, or speak to the out-of-hours emergency support team by phone.   

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