Simplify business travel expenses with Ramp & Corporate Traveler

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” - baseball great Yogi Berra.

Travel often includes a bit of the unexpected, and business travel is no different. Keeping business activities going while saving time and money is the goal. The unexpected can and will happen. That’s why for business travel, plans are good, but systems are better.

Managing business trip expenses is a delicate balance. You need a system that’s simple to use, keeps costs manageable, and can be flexible when travelers are in a jam. Then, business travelers can focus on their reason for travel and not stress about the details.

Corporate Traveler has experience with all kinds of business travel, and now we’re going the distance to make business travel easier and breezier for you. We’ve designed tools offering the ultimate solution for simplicity and efficiency with travel for business expenses.

Bundling up business travel expenses

No one likes extra admin work, especially on business trips. Managing business travel expenses takes much-needed time for internal departments and busy employees. Lost receipts, delayed reimbursements, and policy compliance are often common issues.

In a travel management program, some functions might go smoothly, while others, like expense management, are still a manual process or create an endless stream of emails.

Too much detail or too little can be an issue. Keeping track of all your business expenses like multiple policies, per diems, receipts, and accounting transactions creates an expenses nightmare.

So, how can we make it better, more intuitive and less of a headache?

Ramp’s smart corporate card and powerful expense automations can help you save time and money when you travel for work, with a simple setup and seamless integration with Corporate Traveler and Melon to get you on your way with less hassle. Plus, it’s free to use for all USA-based Corporate Traveler users as part of our bundle of technology solutions!

Corporate Traveler integration with Ramp

How Ramp changes the game

Ramp offers physical and virtual corporate cards that are configured to your specific expense policies and requirements. Then, you can issue as many virtual cards as you’d like, and let expense automations handle the rest.

As soon as spend happens, Ramp prompts, collects, and matches receipts via SMS and powerful email integrations.

Suddenly, submitting receipts is as easy as snapping a photo with your smartphone. Say goodbye to those old-school travel expense reports. And, itineraries from  Corporate Traveler automatically sync to Ramp, so managing business travel expenses is a breeze.

On the accounting side, Ramp's smart coding and real-time visibility keep everything from budgets to policies in perfect harmony. Plus, its top-tier integrations with accounting software like Quickbooks, Sage, and NetSuite mean you can close your books up to five times faster.

Seamless integration of travel management and business travel expenses

Ramp makes it easy for salespeople or other frequent travelers to keep up with their expenses. No more 4-month-old receipts from a crumpled pocket. No surprise corporate credit card bills. Ramp is the system for managing business expenses for travel with ease and speed. There’s faster reimbursement for employees and more predictability for the finance department.

With Corporate Traveler and Ramp working together, business trip booking and expense reporting are combined into a single, streamlined process. All the numbers you need are in one place, whether you’re the traveler or the finance staff. Real-time alerts can be set for a variety of channels, like SMS or Slack.

Whether you have a robust travel policy or a simple one, Ramp helps prevent unapproved spend and makes sure the right stakeholders are looped in to approve new travel spend requests.

Not sure where to start with travel policies? Try out our travel policy template to find a solution that is tailor-made to your business.

Travel Policy Template

Ready to ramp up

Expenses are easier with Ramp. It’s travel management on easy mode with the powerful tools of Ramp and Melon from Corporate Traveler. Add ease and efficiency to your business trip processes to free up time for other priorities.

Setup and integration for Ramp is simple and easy to understand. It can even be deployed in as little as 15 minutes. Travel expenses will soon be a breeze from policies to reimbursement.

See it for yourself

Ready, set, go! Re-define travel expenses with Ramp and book a demo now.
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