Booking Travel on Your Own in 2021: Our Top Three Tips

Plane on runway

So, you’ve decided to book your own travel for 2021. As a travel management company, we obviously don’t recommend this, but we still want all travelers to be safe and prepared for their trip. So we’ve put together just a few things that you may want to consider when navigating travel in a post COVID world.  


  1. Take advantage of our free resource, the FCTG Travel News Hub. Before you travel you can use this site to see where you can travel, what the regulations are at your destination and what the COVID situation is like. We also offer a gateway to every major airline so that you can understand their policies in this new world.  One of the sites’ many other features is the travel alerts section, where we share important travel news as it’s released for each country.  

  1. Do your research on airlines. When you book with Corporate Traveller, we offer many tools to facilitate your duty of care, however, when booking your own travel, these safeguards are not in place. Many airlines, such as Air Canada and WestJet are offering COVID-19 insurance to travellers. Make sure to read up on the terms of this insurance before you book travel.  

  1. Be prepared for flight changes and cancellations. Flying right now has been an adventure and not the good kind. We’ll book flights for clients one day, only to have the whole route changed the next. Luckily, our team of travel experts are at the ready to fix these bumps in the road to deliver a smooth journey for their travellers. Should you be booking your own travel, make sure to keep an eye on your flights and be prepared for an unexpected connection in Chicago on your way to Philadelphia from Toronto on what you had booked as a direct flight.  


There are other factors to think of when booking your own travel, however, hopefully, these tips have given you a good idea of where to start. And, if you’ve reconsidered booking your own travel, then get in touch and we would be happy to get you on your way.  

 Need help booking travel in a post COVID world? Get in touch today. 

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