Unispace Case Study

Unispace Case Study


Unispace is a global design firm born from an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to do things differently. They operate 39 studios across 18 countries, bringing together design professionals from all over the world. Unispace partners with clients to create environments that express each organization’s unique culture, while supporting their local and global business objectives.

The Unispace challenge

One of Unispace’s main problems was visibility of travel spending. Their program was divided between several different agencies all over the U.S., making costs opaque and reporting both inefficient, and unreliable.


The Corporate Traveler solution

Visibility is needed to manage the true cost of the travel program, assist in consolidating data for negotiating power and monitoring traveler behavior against policy guidelines. Corporate Traveler consolidated the entire Unispace program with a single travel supplier.

This enabled us to coordinate nationally, to standardize processes and maintain reporting standards. It also enabled us to gather valuable data about the real scale of the program, and use that data to negotiate savings for our client with suppliers.

The Outcome

After 12 months of trade, Unispace had complete visibility for their whole national travel spend. That aggregated data could be broken down by time, region and traveler behavior, allowing the client to dig into everything from airline selection to advanced purchasing.

Regular analysis of this data and a quarterly review process gave Unispace the opportunity to actively manage their travel program, correcting and improving buying behavior and developing a strategic path to leverage their program.





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"Although we know there are a variety of choices for selecting your travel provider, it was important with us to partner with an organization that has a global footprint while still offering a high quality local service through a local team. Since selecting Corporate Traveler, we have gained far greater insight into our travel trends which has allowed us to implement new policies while providing our staff with the necessary flexibility."

- Peter Rendall, Chief Financial Officer

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