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Jason Rockwell

Jason Rockwell is #ByYourSide

Our people are our strength here at Corporate Traveler, we have so many amazing people with some incredible stories and insights and we wanted to continue sharing some of them with you.

This week we are profiling Jason Rockwell, a Travel Manager at Corporate Traveler.

Jason Rockwell, Travel Manager

How long have you been with Flight Centre Travel Group?
I’ve been with FCTG for 14 years.

What sets Corporate Traveler apart from the rest?
A true love and passion of our people for travel and an equally passionate approach towards customer service sets CT apart from the rest. Corporate Traveler has always been unique in it’s customer-first and customer-centric approach. Our people are passionate about what they do and it shows in the many long-term relationships we’ve garnered and the advocacy amongst our clients with whom we partner. My team has worked with many of our clients for years and years, and it makes the work so much more enjoyable thanks to the great relationships we get to build with our customers.

What do you like best about your role?
What I like best about my role as a Team Leader in our Corporate Traveler operations here in Los Angeles is helping new travel managers reach their full potential. Team growth and collaborative team function is intrinsic to our success and I’m grateful to be an integral part of the process. My favorite part of the role is seeing a team member truly WOW their customer, accomplish a personal best, or achieve an FCTG accolade such as qualifying for our Global Gathering.

What keeps you busy outside your job?
A 6-month old son and another daughter on the way (due this coming winter) keeps me pretty busy outside of my job! When I’m not “wrangling” the new baby and doing my best to stay on top of tummy time and teething, I enjoy bicycling, bikepacking (like backpacking, but on a bike), camping, reading and music.

Do you have any particular stories about COVID-19?
This crisis has really put travel duty of care at the forefront of our industry. Corporate Traveler has had real-time travel updates and information ready at hand each day when our customers need it. Our teams’ years of shared travel industry knowledge and experience has definitely helped as well. For instance, our ability to obtain airline waivers has helped my team to save thousands of dollars for our customers. One of my team members was sent a wonderful gift basket for a rather large and complicated trip cancellation and travel insurance claim she helped to process. The unveiling of the gift made for quite the video and was a delight for the whole team to share in. It has been hugely gratifying to help bring home so many stranded and worried travelers from abroad and knowing we were able to help get them home quickly and safely to their loved ones is certainly a good feeling.

Ways you’ve kept your team motivated?
Consistent weekly team meetings has certainly helped keep our team motivated! Taking some time away from the business to work together and work things out is always key. Good communication. Trust. And having each other’s best interests and support in mind.

How have you approached business throughout COVID?
Having a long-term mindset. Having long-term goals and strategies in place seems to be the best approach to business throughout COVID. Looking at this as just one of the many hurdles in life we must surpass to keep on the right track is helping my approach. Doing what we can now to better ourselves for the future—we have so many new and better systems in place such as our upgraded GDS booking system process RDX and  a new finance system with Dynamics D365. Using this time to learn these new systems inside out, along with further ongoing travel industry training, will certainly guarantee our success for the post-COVID world to come.

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