#ByYourSide Stories - Ashley Matarazzo

#ByYourSide Stories - Ashley Matarazzo

Ashley Matarazzo is #ByYourSide

Our people are our strength here at Corporate Traveler, we have so many amazing people with some incredible stories and insights and we wanted to continue sharing some of them with you.

This week we are profiling Ashley Matarazzo, Senior Sales Director at Corporate Traveler.

Ashley Matarazzo, Senior Sales Director

How long have you been with Flight Centre Travel Group?
7 years

What sets CT apart from the rest?
Our people. We’re in a time where the world heavily revolves around technology. Our founder, Graham Turner, built FCTG off twelve philosophies and has kept them at the core of every business decision he has made. We invest heavily in researching and developing tech offerings for our business travelers but have never forgotten that our people are our greatest asset. What highlights the differences in agencies is their foundation. A strong foundation is built off a strong unit, a family, a village, a tribe. There are no boundaries as far as titles in our company. We are encouraged to engage with everyone globally regardless of who you are in order to learn from each other and become that strong family behind your family while they’re on the road. Business travel is so personal and unpredictable, and if travel is impacted by an unforeseen variable, our travelers rely on how well we work together internally in response to every scenario to keep your people safe. We offer the best in technology, but we also offer the best in people.

What do you like best about your role?
I love being a part of the purpose of our clients. When we create a new partnership, we are not just focusing on how we will get your travelers from A to B. We are designing a program that is there to support the purpose of your company’s mission and what they are bringing to the world. Our goal is to be a transformational extension of your business rather than just transactional.

What keeps you busy outside your job?
When I’m not spending time with my most perfect pup named Little Man, I’m usually traveling. There is a group of us Flighties scattered throughout the USA and we’ve been traveling the world together for the last few years. It’s incredible when you find your fellow travel buddies to share those moments with no matter where we live and be able explore the world together.

Do you have any particular stories about helping clients during COVID-19?
I had a client of mine call me late on a Thursday night just as the travel bans were initially being announced. Her son was in Europe with his fiancé and she was concerned and wanted him home. I was able to connect her with our after-hours team and they were able to assist her and her family. Hearing the fear in her voice was heartbreaking and we just knew we had to help.

How have you approached business throughout COVID-19?
It is such a sensitive time for everyone. You don’t know truly how everyone is being affected personally. It could be from someone they know being sick, or them just adjusting to what life is like now and the mental toll that can take. My goal is to let people know that whether you are a client or not, whether you ever intend to look to us for a future partnership or not, myself along with everyone at Corporate Traveler is here as a resource. We are here to help bring your families home safe, but also keep you informed on the changes within travel that will come. Business travel is made up of unique variables and we want to highlight the importance of duty of care and help educate on how to roll out a proper travel program that consists of an efficient duty of care program. Simply put, we are here to help.

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