Travel Gone Green

You may have heard of ecotourism, a movement that has been around for decades. Now, as more and more companies are making a conscious effort to embrace eco-business travel, it’s more than just a hip trend. 

City Spotlight: Dallas

Not every city gets a TV show named after it so it's no wonder that Dallas revels in its larger-than-life reputation. But behind the whip crackin', barbeque smokin', open carryin' exterior, there are a ton of layers to discover in Texas' favorite city.
Summer Business Travel Summary

Summer Business Travel: 10 Trends to Consider this Season

The days where sales people spent all their time traveling by train or car to sell directly to customers have almost completely vanished. Now, people in the corporate travel industry are asking questions like “How prevalent will biometric technology be when it comes to travel?” Business travel is always evolving to provide travelers more enjoyable and efficient experiences.