Preparing for the trip ahead

Preparing for the trip ahead

Whether you are a seasoned business traveler or heading out on your first trip there are a number of new factors to consider when preparing for your trip. This includes understanding the rules and regulations of your destination, knowing what you might need to bring on your trip that wasn’t necessary before, and ensuring you are armed with the tools that will enable you to keep up to date and in-touch while on the road.

Your Corporate Traveler travel consultant can assist in helping you understand the travel restrictions currently in place when traveling locally or abroad. IATA also provides a summary of international restrictions.

Traveler checklist

Now more than ever, it is important to be well prepared before embarking on a trip. Use this checklist as a guide to understand the rules and regulations, required documents and items to take with you.


Travel safe with Sam:]

Corporate Traveler’s mobile app Sam is your pocket travel assistant. Sam is designed to carry you through every step of your travel journey as a support system and helpful advisor. Thanks to a partnership between FCM Secure and WorldAware intelligence, Sam will send you security notifications that are relevant to your itinerary. Plus, you can share your location and notify your company that you are safe.

Duty of care features:

  • Real-time notifications combining GPS (with permission) and the traveler's itinerary
  • Notifications broken down by Warning or Critical alerts together with expert recommendations
  • “Report I’m safe” capabilities
  • Access to the emergency contact details of your company’s travel risk management provider, for example InternationalSOS or WorldAware


Shep Provides Emergency Coronavirus Notifications to Corporate Travel Programs


Corporate Traveler has partnered with the corporate travel startup, Shep. Shep is helping address the Coronavirus (COVID-19) challenge by giving their emergency notification service away for free.

Need help restarting your travel program? Get in touch.


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