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Boston Logan airport is taking strict precautions to ensure the safety of all travelers hitting the friendly skies. A group of our staff, including Charlene Leiss, President of Flight Centre Travel Group for the Americas, took the opportunity to see first-hand the changes that have been implemented by TSA as well as Delta who led the safety tour. 


One of our Business Development Managers, Tyler Draper, shared the below account outlining the experience, so that Flight Centre travelers are aware of what to expect in this evolving travel climate. 

Before You Go

  • All visitors and returning residents are required to complete a Massachusetts Travelers form (unless returning from a lower risk COVID-19 state or exempt).
  • Prior to arrival in Massachusetts, visit to complete the form and check details on lower risk COVID-19 states, exemptions, and more.
  • If available, have negative COVID-19 test results accessible.
  • Visitors and Massachusetts residents arriving from any other state or jurisdiction are required to fill out the form, and to quarantine for 14 days or produce a negative COVID-19 test results administered not more than 72 hours prior to arriving in Massachusetts.
  • Visitors and returning residents that took a COVID-19 test prior to arrival but have not yet received results must quarantine until they receive a negative test result.
  • Failure to comply could result in a $500 fine per day.

What to Bring

  • Face mask or covering (per Massachusetts Executive Order)
  • Hand Sanitizer (note:  travelers are allotted one carry-on container of up to 12 liquid ounces, rather than the 3.4 ounces allowed for other liquid carry-on items)
  • All electronics including cell phone, laptop, chargers and portable chargers
  • Antibacterial disposable wipes
  • Disposable gloves
  • Bags for used gloves/wipes
  • Sandwiches & Snacks – airlines are not serving meals

For more information visit our Packing and Preparation page

At the Airport


Walking into the airport, there are police standing guard at the entrance making sure that traffic is flowing, and that people are not parking at drop off, as you’d see in pre-COVID times.  You cannot enter Logan without a mask or face covering, per Massachusetts law.  There are social distance markers everywhere serving as a visual reminder to travellers.  All entrances remain open and there are the standard amount of security and airline representatives patrolling the premises. 



When travelling with Corporate Traveller, we recommend using the Sam app to check-in. The app prompts travellers to check into their flight through their airline’s website or app to promote a touchless experience. For those who prefer the kiosk, they are spaced the normal distance, with every other kiosk disabled to enforce proper social distancing. The baggage drop similarly operates with every other counter disabled to promote distancing.



Security is business as usual with clean bins available and a quickly moving line.  TSA has increased the disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces and security screening equipment, including bins. TSA officers also use new Explosives Trace Detection swabs for each person.

For a more contactless experience, travellers place their government issued IDs on the scanner, and hold up to the TSA officer for visual inspection.

After Security


Most stores and restaurants remain closed at the airport so it’s important to plan accordingly by eating beforehand and packing snacks. Apart from a few family sections, every other chair at the gates are blocked off to decrease exposure. There are hand sanitizers readily accessible throughout the airport.

We took a moment to tour the Delta Sky Lounge.  There is signage everywhere reminding travellers to keep their distance and to remain with their travel companions with coffee and bottled beverages available for purchase.

At the Gate


There are social distance markers at the start of the gate all the way through the jet bridge.  Travellers board back to front with the exception that business/first classes have the option to board ahead if desired. 

Cleaning process

The cleaning process is extremely rigorous and is a top priority throughout the entire travel journey. 

HEPA-Filters- (High Efficiency Particulate Air) are applied to fog the plane before each flight and throughout the gate and lounge areas twice per day. This cleaning process is held to the same standard of cleanliness as an operating room and up to 10x cleaner than the grocery store or an office building. 

The airline staff also wipe all surfaces on the plane before each flight as well as the handles on lavatory door after every use.  Additionally, airline staff performs a spot check every 30 minutes to uphold the highest quality of cleanliness.

Reading materials typically available on the backs of the chairs have been removed to decrease the spread of germs.

Find out more about the Delta CareStandard

“The safety tour at Logan with Delta was an incredibly informative experience and it’s great to see all of the safety precautions put into place to protect travellers.  I feel so comfortable now and couldn’t be more excited to experience travelling again first-hand next week on my trip to Minneapolis. Stayed tuned!"

Summary - Journey Back to Business

Journey Back to Business

In many countries around the world, governments are preparing to ease lockdown measures, restart their economies and bridge to a new phase of growth. We want to instill confidence once more in business travel through first-hand experience from our staff as they share their journey back to business.

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