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Delta at Logan Airport

Delta at Logan Airport intro iamge

In August, our Account Executive, Tyler Draper, flew from BOS to MSP.  He documented the entire travel journey during COVID-19 so that our clients are prepared with what to expect through the precautions taken by our partners at Delta, Radisson, and Lyft. He was happy to see that everyone was doing their part and wearing a mask at all times.

Tyler was first greeted at Logan by our Delta Account Manager, Gail Branchini, who gave him a run-down of all the safety measures implemented by the airline to protect travelers. For the first time in 5 months, Tyler took a flight!  He was impressed by the proactive stance Delta is taking.

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  • Touchless check-in online
  • Complimentary masks available at check-in  
  • Social distance markers at the gate through the jetbridge
  • Middle seats blocked with family sections at the gate
  • Glass barrier at ticket counter

BOS Delta SkyLounge

Travelers are still enjoying some quiet, productive time at the Delta SkyLounge before departing, with a few changes in place:

  • 2 person or family limit per elevator
  • Packaged snacks and beverages available
  • Seating and tables dispersed

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In Flight

Delta’s team member, Daisy, walks us through Delta’s new protocols on board.

  • Bagged snacks, water & hand-sanitizer distributed to all passengers
  • Reading materials removed (except for Safety Manual) to prevent the spread of germs
  • Middle seats blocked except for traveler companions
  • Plane is boarded from the back to the front to limit contact

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Delta at Minneapolis - St. Paul

Tyler meets Delta at Minneapolis St Paul airport

Upon landing in Minneapolis, Tyler met with Jeff Hart, the General Manager of Delta at MSP. Jeff’s tour of Delta’s MSP operations mirrored the extensive safeguards Tyler noticed at Logan. 

Delta not only prioritizes the safety of its customers; its people have all the resources they need to feel comfortable on the job.

  • Free onsite Employee COVID-19 testing at Atlanta, Minneapolis & New York airports
  • Free at-home testing available – all 75,000 employees tested
  • Free COVID-19 antibody testing both on and offsite

MSP Delta SkyLounge

The Delta SkyLounge’s at MSP is consistent with that of Logan, with travelers taking full advantage this relaxed environment before hitting the friendly skies.

Recent updates:

  • Glass barriers at check-in & bar
  • Hand sanitizing stations available throughout
  • Social distance markers
  • Buffet replaced with pre-packaged meals
  • WIFI password: “wearmask” so travelers are conscious

Lyft Ride - Minneapolis

Tyler conveniently ordered a Lyft which took him directly from the airport to the hotel.  Tyler’s Lyft driver, Die, explains how Lyft has adapted during the pandemic.

  • Drivers sanitizes door handles before & after trip
  • Shared rides have been paused
  • Front seats are left open

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