What Business Travelers Want This Travel Season


Summer is long gone in the rearview mirror and end-of-year business is picking up. As we get into the busy time for travel, we’re taking a look at what business travelers are looking for this season. Unsurprisingly, those who travel for work want more comfort, less stress and the ability to maintain healthy habits while on the road. 

Hotels with breakfast included

This one may be surprising, but we considered it and concluded that, when breakfast is included, it does two things. First, it allows the traveler's per diem to stretch further (saving $15-$25 on breakfast allows you a nicer meal for dinner). Second, most hotels offer a range of options. While the choices may not all be healthy, you can usually find a range of fruit and a variety of proteins.

However, these days, free breakfasts aren’t a guarantee. Not every hotel includes them in the nightly rate so travelers need to ensure they are booked on a ‘breakfast included’ rate. Through our SmartSTAY program, all hotels include breakfast (and free WiFi), and at no additional cost to your rate. The SmartSTAY program is growing each year and currently, the program offers guests exclusive benefits at more than 3,000+ participating hotels worldwide- which means, free breakfast!

Fewer flight delays

You may have checked into your flight 24-hours in advance, arrived at the airport, and made your way to the departure boards, only to find that your flight is delayed.

Flight delays add to the stress and anxiety of business travel. Unlike vacation travel, a flight delay can cause a domino effect of scheduling issues, disrupting everything from an important meeting to a client presentation. While flight delays are sometimes unavoidable, our dedicated Travel Manager team is on standby 24/7 to reschedule flights or find alternative arrangements to help get you where you need to be on time.

Shorter lines

Airport lines confront you everywhere you turn from the moment you line up to get in, to the moment you line up to get out. Check-in, baggage drop-off, security, food kiosks, etc. As tedious as they are, there’s no way to avoid them- but there is a way to cut them short.

If you haven’t already had the pleasure of waving your Nexus card around at border security, you’re truly missing out. Nexus users, pre-approved low-risk travelers, traveling to the US or within Canada can jump the regular line and queue up at a dedicated Nexus entry lane instead. The application processing fee is only $50, and once you complete it, you receive a membership that’s valid for five years. For those who travel to the US or within Canada often, this fee pays itself off tenfold with the amount of time saved. 

No middle seats

Most travelers prefer either the aisle or window seat, so it’s no surprise that the middle takes a back seat. There’s no view, no easy exit, no guarantee of an armrest and no personal space from your seatmates. No one prefers to sit in the middle seat, and we have some fun stats to back it up. We asked some of our own travelers to choose in a variety of 'would you rather' scenarios: 

  • 91% of travelers would rather pay for their drink on a 5-hour flight than sit in the middle seat with free drinks
  • 93% of travelers traveling to London would rather fly with a stopover than fly direct in the middle seat
  • 94% of travelers would rather take a one-hour delayed flight than sit in the middle seat
  • 67% of business travel travelers would rather sit in the aisle seat closest to the washroom than a middle seat

You get the idea. Most people would rather pay for drinks than sit in the middle seat and get free ones, too. We care about your comfort! Be sure to book your next window or aisle seat with your dedicated Travel Manager.