A Day in the Life: The Business Traveler Journey

Business Traveller

Imagine that your boss just called to tell you that you need to make a presentation to a key client– next week. You’re based in New York and are expected at a meeting across the country in Los Angeles! Sound overwhelming? Follow the business traveler journey to see how technology and your Travel Manager can simplify your trip.

Before You Leave

The first step will be to consider what kind of accommodations you need book, including things like a hotel stay or rental car.

Tech Touchpoints

  • You can choose to email your dedicated Travel Manger for help with booking your trip, or book yourself through the online booking tool your company uses.

  • Once your travel accommodations have been set, you can download the Sam mobile travel app and sync your travel itinerary.

  • 24-hours before your flight, you’re prompted to check-in through the Sam app.
  • You check your itinerary for travel times and view the city safe guide to learn all there is to know about Los Angeles

Now that your flight is booked, you can completely focus on your presentation and bringing the best info to your client.

The Morning of Your Departure

You went to bed early and got a good night’s sleep. You wake up to your alarm buzzing and remember you’re heading to Los Angeles this morning. You’re nervous but excited at the same time. You get dressed and grab breakfast on your way out.

Tech Touchpoints

  • You check the time of your meeting in Los Angeles in your phone calendar. Thankfully, there will be enough time to get to the office and grab a coffee beforehand. This is great because a day without coffee…well, is it even a day?!
  • BING! Your Sam app lets you know how long it will take to get to the airport based on current traffic.
  • BING! You get an alert from your ride sharing app that your driver is waiting for you in the driveway.

You jump in the car and head to the airport.

John F. Kennedy International Airport

You get to the airport and head straight through security and to the gate (since you’ve already checked in). You head to your airline’s lounge and grab a snack before you head to the gate.  

Tech Touchpoints

  • BING! The Sam app lets you know your gate has changed. Phew! Luckily it popped up and momentarily interrupted your game of Candy Crush. You make a mental note of the new gate.
  • Your plane starts boarding and you hand your phone to the attendant (with the brightness turned up) so they can scan the boarding pass stored in your phone.

On the Plane

You sit down in your aisle seat and you notice the people next to you look like they want to keep to themselves. You breathe a sigh of relief that you’ll be able to get some work done on this flight.

Tech Touchpoint

  • This plane offers free in-flight Wi-Fi (jackpot!) so you connect and note the email from your boss with some minor changes to your presentation. Now you’ll be ready to go.

At Los Angeles International Airport

You’re ready to get off the plane but there’s a short delay on the tarmac while they’re waiting for another plane to unload.

Tech Touchpoints

  • BING! You get an alert from the Sam app that you can expect warm weather in Los Angeles today and moderate traffic. Good news- no worry about being late to your meeting! 
  • On your walk through the airport toward the ground transportation section, you order a car through your ride sharing app. 

You exit the airport and head to the pickup spot where your driver is waiting. You jump in the car and head to the financial district of Los Angeles. 

Tech Touchpoint

  • BING! You receive an instant message from one of your colleagues letting you know it’s the client’s birthday today. You make a mental note to wish them a happy birthday when you see them.

At the Office

You’re about 3 minutes away from the office and you’re dying for a refreshment before your meeting.

Tech Touchpoint

  • You quickly Google the coffee shop in your client’s building. YES! They take online orders through an ordering app that you recently downloaded. You quickly order your skinny latte and rejoice in getting an extra boost before the presentation.

You arrive at the building and jump out of the car, thanking your driver. Luckily there’s no exchange of cash as your trip is paid for through your synced bank information. You dash into the coffee shop and pick up your order. Now you’re ready to blow everyone away with your presentation.

Tech Touchpoint

  • You quickly glance at the meeting invite on your phone to remember the names of everyone attending the meeting.

At the Meeting

You enter the room and greet everyone. There are a few people you weren’t expecting so you hand them a business card and quickly write down their names in your notes app on your phone.

Tech Touchpoint

  • You plug your laptop into the projector and kick off with your presentation.

The client loved the presentation and has a lot of questions. They ask you to present to their executive team tomorrow (!). You agree to stay overnight and pop back in the morning to present to them.

Tech Touchpoints

  • While in the meeting you pull up the Sam app and chat with an agent, real-time, about your travel change needs. You breathe a sigh of relief once they arrange your new flight home tomorrow evening.
  • You shoot a quick email to your Travel Manager for help booking a room at a hotel near the office and head there to check-in. You’re happy that you brought a spare change of clothes in your carry-on.

You check into your hotel, kick off your shoes and settle in for a night of presentation prep.

Executive Presentation Day

You head to the client’s office with your business cards in hand, presentation ready, laptop charged and ready to roll. The executive team thinks the presentation was amazing and they’re ready to sign up for your cost-saving ideas.

Tech Touchpoint

  • You pull up an electronic contract on your laptop and they confirm the deal in the room. You email them a copy and a copy to your boss (who will be ecstatic).

You shake hands with everyone, leave the room, exit the building, and try your best not to scream and jump with joy when you’re outside.

Getting to the Airport

It’s time to get to the airport and you order a car from your ride-sharing app.

Tech Touchpoints

  • BING! You get a text from your driver with their license plate and pick-up location. You meet them there and enter the car.
  • You make a call to your boss to let them know the great news.
  • You check-in to your flight from the Sam app and get a mobile boarding pass.

LAX Airport

You make your way through LAX and the sea of people, navigate through security, and head to your gate.

On the Plane

You board the flight using your mobile boarding pass again and get comfortable in your aisle seat.

Tech Touchpoint

  • Free in-flight Wi-Fi again? This day can’t get any better! You send an email to the client and everyone in the meeting with a recap, next steps, and your contact details in case they have any further questions.

You decide to switch off your laptop and catch up on re-runs of your favorite show. You’ve earned it.


You’ve finally landed and exit the plane. You head to the pickup zone for your pre-ordered ride. You’re ready to head home to rest and relax.

Tech Touchpoint

  • While you’re in the car driving home, you quickly snap photos of your receipts and upload them to your expense system using the app on your phone. By eliminating manual handling of receipts, you’ve become the finance team’s favorite person!

Finally Home

You say goodbye to your driver and enter your home. You head up the stairs, open the door and give a big hug to your pet. You kick off your shoes, sit down for some rest and wonder how on earth anyone traveled before technology.