7 tips for saving time at the airport

Traveling for business can be a hassle at times, especially if your business trip happens to be during the summer. Navigating long check-in times, security lineups and seas of passengers sounds like fun, right? Avoid the hassle of spending unnecessary time at check-in desks and waiting in long lines with our top 7 tips to help you save time at the airport.

1. Have a pre-prepared bag at the ready

Traveling for business at least once a month? Avoid looking for your laptop charger, plastic bag of liquids or favorite shirt. When it comes to packing for business, a handy tip is to have two of everything. We’re not saying to go out and buy two of the same designer shirts or dresses but it might be handy to have two chargers, two bags of essential items and a spare outfit that you won’t miss in your wardrobe for a while. Having a bag already half packed will save time before you even set out on your trip.

2. Take advantage of airline extras

Whether you book travel yourself or have a Travel Management Company (TMC) arranging your trips for you, it’s always a great start to fly with an airline that offers online check-in and a bag drop-off service.

Take advantage of this service, as you can book your seat in advance, drop off your checked bag quickly and efficiently at the designated desk and zoom through security with your carry-on luggage.

3. Travel light

Whether you’re traveling for a night or five days, it’s always best to travel light. Not only does this alleviate the stress of worrying whether or not your airline will lose your luggage, but it also means you can save time by coming off the plane and heading directly to that business meeting.

Insider tip: Pack pants or skirts that you can wear with multiple tops to avoid overpacking.

4. Swap the roller suitcase for a backpack

Having a suitcase can be a pain when moving through a busy terminal. Save time by packing all your essentials into a backpack to help you navigate quickly through the large crowds.

5. Skip the lines at security

This is definitely our number one tip when it comes to saving you time at the airport. Who wants to be stuck in a line full of large groups or first-time travelers? We recommend aiming for the security line with the ‘suits’. Joining a line with other business travelers should be smoother, as you all simultaneously take out your laptops and liquid bags.

Additionally, if you can secure Global Entry status or TSA Precheck ahead of your next trip, you will be expedited through security lines at most airports. The cost is well worth the shorter wait times and easier security process, especially if you are traveling frequently!

6. Prepare for security

Every minute counts when traveling for business, so the sooner you are able to reach the lounge to send out those last few emails or grab a refreshment before take-off, the better. Avoid being held up in security because you left your toothpaste in the front pocket instead of a clear plastic bag, leading to your bag being searched. Be prepared before you reach security and make sure you remove what is requested to avoid long wait times.

7. Plan ahead

When it comes to planning ahead, sometimes a handy app is ideal. Not only are they great at helping you save time ahead of any disruptions, flight or gate changes, apps like Sam :] are also perfect for keeping travelers connected. It’s more than just disruption updates and check-in notifications, Sam :] is about keeping you in touch and enabling you to access your travel information anytime, anywhere notifying you of gate changes, exchange rates, weather forecasts and quickly adding newly booked itineraries to the system. Plus, with all the added time saved, you can enjoy your business trip and maybe even have time to sightsee, since the Sam :] app is full of sightseeing suggestions.