Corporate Traveler partners with Ramp for Travel to unlock the power of T&E automation


Man checking flights

Corporate Traveler is excited to be part of Ramp for Travel, a new solution that provides customers with a seamless booking and expense management experience. When you use Ramp to book on Melon, their software automatically collects and matches your receipts, saving you hours each month. Plus, Ramp is 100% free, allows you unlimited physical and virtual corporate cards, and gives you 1.5% cashback on all purchases.

Along with Corporate Traveler, Ramp has partnered with Lyft and WeWork, among others. Ask us today how to consolidate booking, management, and reporting into one with Corporate Traveler powered by Melon. Sign up for a Ramp card today and get a $500 bonus after your first balance payment of over $1,000.