A personal travel assistant in your pocket

Sam is a travel app designed to learn about you, what you like, where you’re going and what you need to make travel easy. Powered by the experts at Corporate Traveler, Sam will see that every step of your journey goes smoothly, and keep you connected to your travel manager when things don't.


Give your travelers peace of mind with Sam :]

  • Instant chat-to-an-agent
  • Automatic trip load
  • Weather forecasts
  • Books transport connections with ride sharing services
  • Calculate travel time and cost
  • Reminders and assists with check-in
  • Alerts departure gate and baggage carousel
  • Destination guides
  • Rearranges travel within policy
  • Uploads expenses via camera
  • Real time alerts via app
  • Incident alerts if needed

What does Sam :] do?

Sam organizes and sends up-to-date, practical information based on context, relevance and individual preference and keeps you connected to your travel manager. Sam will send you alerts about things like weather alerts and baggage arrival locations to ensure you don’t miss your connection. But, if you do, Sam will help schedule you on the next best option, all within your company's travel policy.

Sam is always on, so you don’t have to be.


How does Sam :] do it?

The power of technology is evolving corporate travel, allowing travelers to be more savvy and focused on the road. Sam is designed to incorporate the most important features that a business traveler needs, and the experiences that a smart traveler enjoys. The result? A powerful combination of data and functionality, with a little bit of Sam everywhere in between.

As Sam gets to know you better, your notifications will become more useful. You'll get restaurant recommendations, cool things to do and other information on the places you’re traveling to.

Here's what some of our employees think about Sam.

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