Best and worst of business travel

More often than not people who aren’t in the industry may associate business travel with the glamorous lifestyle of a seasoned luxury traveler; sipping champagne and continually exploring new exotic locations.

Seasoned business travelers know that all too often the reality is far different, and that whilst the scenery changes, the inside of the hotel doesn’t and traveling for work is exactly that. Work. Here is our rundown of the best and worst of business travel, letting you know how to accentuate the positive and minimize the negative.

Worst: When you lose your baggage
Having your baggage lost and stolen can be incredibly inconvenient and frustrating, as well as expensive. After all that careful packing, finding yourself without your necessities at the other end of your business trip can make a huge difference to your productivity as well as your state of mind. To guard against this, consider taking out travel insurance. It can’t prevent airlines misplacing your luggage, but it can help you afford a shopping spree to replace it. And isn’t that the next best thing? Ask your Corporate Traveler Travel Manager about your insurance options before your next trip for your peace of mind.

Best: When you get upgraded
Sometimes the little creature comforts of business class can really make a difference to a traveler’s experience, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed when you get to your destination and prepared to excel at that meeting.

Worst: Being away from home on those special days
For those who travel frequently for business, finding yourself away from home for birthdays and special events can really get you down.  The glamorous image of business travel sometimes misses the sacrifices travelers make to get the job done. But with the availability of Wi-Fi on many planes and in hotels these days, your loved ones are rarely more than a video-call away.

Best: Earning points and status
Some travelers are lucky enough to earn frequent flier points for their travel. These and the status that sometimes comes along with them can be very useful on other, non-business-related trips. It might not make up for some of those early starts, but it helps. Speaking of which…

Worst: Early mornings, late nights
What they never seem to mention in the movies is what it feels like getting up at 4AM to make it to your flight, or staying up in a different time-zone to catch a conference call. Business travel can tire you out and wear you down. But it doesn’t have to hurt your health. To find out more about how to stay healthy while traveling, read our article here.

Best: When everything just works
When your flights are booked properly, your hotel arranged and waiting for you and your connections timed so you don’t have to sprint through the terminal with your shoes in your hand, business travel can seem that bit simpler and less stressful. That’s where we come in. Having your travel booked by a professional with years of industry experience who can help you set up systems that work can make all the difference in the world. Contact your Corporate Traveler Travel Manager to make sure your trip works for you. They are always happy to help.