The Duty of Care Essentials for Business Travel

The Duty of Care Essentials for Business Travel

Having a proper travel risk management strategy in place is essential for any business with traveling employees. Having a proactive approach not only mitigates risks, but provides your travelers with confidence that there is a constant focus on their safety and well-being. TMCs can help companies meet their duty of care obligations by providing the right resources and solutions to keep travelers safe on the go.

The best way to ensure your travelers have a successful trip is to prepare them in advance. This works twofold: with preparation the traveler feels reassurance, while you can feel at peace knowing that your employees understand how to respond should a problem arise. With careful planning, you’ll have visibility into where your travelers are at any point in time, so you can easily locate them in the event of an emergency.

How to Prepare Your Staff

To help reduce potential issues during travel, your staff should be briefed on your company's safety procedures before any trips. Precautions can be taken across all stages of travel, and it's important that all staff understand what resources are available to them while on the road. 

  • Pre Travel

    Provide your staff with information and training around your travel policy, health and safety policy, and the risk assessment for their trip, which should identify any major risks or hazards. This may include any national alerts that impact travel, as well as specific visa and vaccination advice.

    It's also important to make sure travelers are provided with emergency contact numbers for both travel insurance provider and any emergency contacts at your company. Ensure staff traveler profiles are up-to-date (including their next-of-kin information) and let them know any standard procedures they will need to follow, such as sending a text or email when they arrive at their destination.


  • During Travel

    In the event that something on the trip does not go according to plan, your travelers need to know where to turn. Traveler tracking technology can assist with locating staff and can pinpoint whether they are at risk. Information like this can help inform your decisions on how to assist them in the best way.  

    Also ensuring you have the right partners in place to help if you find your staff in a time of need is key. Partners with specific areas of expertise can help with anything from helping with medical needs to extracting travelers in a high risk area.  


  • Post Travel

    It’s a good idea to survey your travelers after their journey, to ensure they felt safe and secure while traveling, and to collect their feedback on any improvements that could be made to travel and safety policies. 

How Travel Management Companies Can Help

A good travel management company (TMC) is invaluable in helping companies identify and adhere with duty of care practices. Through the experience of working with thousands of clients and travelers, Corporate Traveler can help guide you on the delivery of your duty of care program, help you analyze the risk of your business destinations and work with you to create a plan for your travelers. 

  • Pre Travel
    • Help control your staff bookings, identifying high risk or out of policy bookings
    • Set up travel alerts, keeping you and your travelers informed of potential disruptions
    • Maintain your traveler profiles, including the most up-to-date emergency contact information for your travelers
  • During Travel
    • Give travelers 24/7 in-house support for emergencies or last-minute itinerary changes
    • Provide traveler tracking technology to pinpoint any travelers at risk
    • Implement crisis response plans to contact and locate your traveler in the event of an emergency
  • Post Travel
    • Provide regular reports to identify out of policy bookings and risky destinations 
    • Help optimize travel policy to adhere with duty of care obligations, based on any new information

By working with an expert TMC, you’ll have support throughout this process. A TMC will not only offer you after-hours and on-the-ground support wherever and whenever necessary, but can help you put together a robust travel policy, support your emergency procedures and mandate any bookings made out of policy. Support networks such as this give your employees the peace of mind that they will be looked after while away, letting them focus on the business trip in hand.

Our goal is to aid our clients in better assessing, visualizing, and executing travel risk strategies. Contact us to learn more about your duty of care obligations and how you can implement them into your travel program.
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