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Our health and fitness often slips on business trips. The late nights, those networking drinks and client lunches turn into less sleep, more calories and occasionally a day with a fuzzy headache. We’ve all done it.

But a lot of you are turning a page. So we’ve grilled Flight Centre’s Healthwise team to get their tips on keeping on track of your health and wellbeing while traveling for work. 

On top of that, there's considerations to factor in, thanks to a particular virus. So basically, if health is a priority for your next business trip, you've come to the right place. 

Let's get physical

This guide lists your travel first aid kit and what to think about if you're traveling with medication. Then there's 10 travel diet and lifestyle tips that we'll definitely be taking on when we're next traveling for work. 

There's even specific workout advice and moves that you can do in your hotel room.  You could plan your own workout with instructions for walking lunges, tricep dips and how you could use a resistance band in your in-room workout. 

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