Corporate Traveler has announced it has been awarded new travel business with NewYorkBIO, the leading advocate for New York’s life sciences community.

As part of the new, multi-year agreement, Corporate Traveler will develop a customized travel program that matches the intricate needs of the premier life science trade organization and its dedicated staff. Furthermore, the two companies will also enter into a strategic partnership to create an exclusive travel offering for NewYorkBIO members that allows them to reduce expenses and have access to travel support.

With an expert ability to navigate the complexities and fast-paced nature of the life sciences world, Corporate Traveler has long been a specialist in this space. They continue to serve as a trusted travel provider to a number of innovative biotech companies throughout the industry, including MassBio, BioCT, SCBio, MassMEDIC, and BioTalent Canada.

“We are truly excited for the opportunity to partner with NewYorkBIO and be able to support such an impactful organization driving significant and meaningful change in the life sciences industry,” said John Van den Heuvel, President, Corporate Traveler USA. “We are looking forward to working closely with their team and members to streamline their travel management process and devise tailored solutions that put an increased focus on traveler safety and duty of care.”

Corporate Traveler’s efficient, cost-effective, and flexible process will prove to be invaluable for NewYorkBIO going forward. NewYorkBIO will be able to take advantage of an informed team of travel experts that will help maintain policy compliance, as well as leverage Corporate Traveler’s proprietary Melon platform to gain visibility and insight into every aspect of their travel program.

“NewYorkBIO is proud to convene hundreds of innovative organizations across the state, country, and globe,” said NewYorkBIO CEO, Jennifer Hawks Bland. “Our new partnership with Corporate Traveler will help us foster and engage in collaborative discussions about the issues that matter to our industry and patients worldwide – no matter where those conversations are taking place.”

Headquartered in New York City, NewYorkBIO unites hundreds of innovative organizations across the state, including pharmaceutical companies, emerging digital health developers, top minds from New York’s academic centers, and life science companies who share a commitment to developing treatments and cures that improve health outcomes and quality of life for New Yorkers and patients around the world.

The New York area is considered one of the largest life sciences communities in the world, supporting more than 75,000 life science jobs. The region also conducts more than 25% of all the clinical trials in the United States, as well as being the home to over 60% of the national or global headquarters for large pharmaceutical companies.