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What are the benefits of a travel management company? 

Travel all over the place? This is why you need travel management.  

Working with the right travel management company means added value at your fingertips 


Let's face it: Corporate travel isn’t always smooth sailing. But there are ways to reduce stress. It starts by making sure all your business travel is managed efficiently and with maximum visibility.  

That's where travel management companies (TMCs) come in – they can take the guesswork out of booking flights, hotels, and transportation, and leave you free to focus on the important things, like your meeting agenda. And with a wide range of travel options available, from budget-friendly flight tickets to business-friendly hotels, you're sure to find the perfect solution for your needs. 

What does ‘value’ mean to you? Saving time, gaining visibility, tracking dollars, prioritizing safety? It’s a tough question when it comes to doing business today. For some businesses, they might pick one or two avenues of focus, while others might need to hone in on all of them. And that’s ok! Your business is unique, which means your travel needs are too, and we put the ‘flex’ in flexible.  


Choose the right TMC to get it all  


It’s not really a question of how to get it all – it’s why you need it all.  

When your travel is all over the place and you’re used to your team booking however they wish, you lose sight of important visibility which can ultimately impact your business success. When choosing a TMC or travel partner, you need people who can clear up your travel headaches and keep them from occurring again.  

Business travel deserves to be brilliant, so that’s what we deliver. We get it right so that you can make it count. Choose a partner that gives everything you need, customized to your business needs, that gives you flexibility, choice, service, and savings. Flexible. Fluid. Simple.  

The right travel partner will help you gain visibility and put together processes that give you 20/20 vision of your travel program. Without these clear processes, you can’t see how people are booking, where they’re going and, in emergencies, you can’t find where they are. With Corporate Traveler, you can. You’ll have access to a robust reporting suite that allows you to access your business travel data and get the info you need when you need it.  

When you choose your TMC, make sure you don’t have to choose between service and tech. Our business is built on expert service working in conjunction with powerful travel tech to make life easier for everyone.  


What do you get when you centralize your travel with Corporate Traveler? 


You know that feeling when you call your bank or your phone company and you have to push 5 buttons just to end up on hold for 30 mins? We hate that too. That’s why we put a huge focus on providing top-notch service through dedicated travel consultants, customer success managers, and 24/7 in-house emergency support. No matter what the situation, you’ve got a real-life human being on the end of the phone. You get your answers, quickly.  

Safety is top-of-mind for many businesses, as it should be. By working with your customer success manager, you can build your travel policy to the specific needs of your company. You can go as in-depth as you need, and include policy around DE&I, sustainability, approvals, and more.  

Managing your travel budget has never been easier. Corporate Traveler has access to the best rates in travel, thanks to our global recognition as part of the FCTG family. With our powerhouse tech at your fingertips, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your bookings, pull the reports you need to keep on top of your financials and set parameters around booking to make sure you’re keeping a healthy bottom line. 


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So, let's get started on streamlining your company's travel process today!

 With this guide in hand, you'll gain 20/20 vision of your travel program, which turns into serious wins. 

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