Agile technology to support Duty of Care

Agile Technology to Support Duty of Care

Your duty of care needs agile tech

The right tech solutions can help your business be well-prepared for a return to travel by supporting duty of care programs post COVID-19.

Duty of Care – it’s a term used a lot as of late, but what does it actually mean? When managing business travel, duty of care and your travelers’ well-being should always be at the forefront. No one wants to put employees at risk, and the key is to manage business travel without impacting a traveler’s safety.

The term Duty of Care means that your business has a responsibility for employees while they are traveling domestically or overseas for business. It means that you need to have a plan in place and have your bases covered. Often Duty of Care is governed by local legislation such as such as Work Health and Safety in the US.

Over the past few months, we’ve fast-tracked our agile technology development roadmap, which has seen multiple releases and upgrades made to ensure customers have the latest COVID-19 information at their fingertips and the technology to help implement policy changes.

Here’s how that tech can help your travelers and your organization with duty of care needs:
  1. Direct travelers to book through the company approved channels
  2. Equip managers with tools that enable them to assess risks and make correct policy decisions
  3. Communicate with travelers while they are on the road
  4. Monitor situations proactively with access to alerts, reporting and interactive dashboards powered by expert intelligence.

Travel Alert: No travel to China


This means airlines, hotels, car rental companies and more. We feel that it’s crucial to use reputable suppliers, particularly for hotels, as this can affect a traveller’s overall travel experience and the Travel Manager’s ability to assist in emergency situations. You don’t want to compromise on safety or quality, so if you are using local suppliers, make sure they have been vetted or are recommended by your Travel Manager.

Corporate Traveler has invested in the award-wining browser extension technology Shep that assists companies with better management of travel purchased outside of their corporate travel policies. Companies use Shep to deliver the latest health and safety messages, informing business travelers about their company’s travel restrictions across more than 1,000 different booking sites, from Concur to Airbnb, Expedia, Delta, and more. We have partnered with Shep to support the rollout of this emergency notification technology to companies of all sizes and provides the technology to our clients at no charge.

More details on Shep
Travel Hub


Information is key when it comes to your duty of care protocols. Working with our teams around the world, we created a global travel news hub for our customers, with up-to-date information on travel restrictions, airline and hotel updates and border restrictions. You can access our Travel News Hub on any device, anywhere in the world and it’s also directly linked from Sam:], our Smart Assistant Mobile app.

Another key technology component is our COVID-19 Recovery Analytics Dashboard. Through advanced data modeling, we have created a COVID-19 reporting dashboard that will enable customers to plot their travel program recovery. The dashboard projects future ticket numbers per month by factoring in the estimated recovery window and the percentage recovery based on historical ticket data.

The dashboard also overlays information published by the World Health Organization on coronavirus cases per country and whether they are on an upward or downward curve, providing a consolidated global view to help give insight on region and country-specific recovery.



When your employees get back out on the road or in the skies, it’s important there’s two-way communication in place. Corporate Traveler’s award-winning app Sam:] is designed to simplify life for the business traveler by blending artificial intelligence with the expertise of a real travel consultant. With Sam, we can integrate your travel risk management provider, for example International SOS or WorldAware, to ensure that important information and emergency contact numbers are always on hand.

You can also send push notifications to all of your traveling employees. In an emergency, this saves precious time enabling you to communicate critical messages to all your travelers at once.

Key features of Sam:]
  • Inform you of a canceled flight and assist with the re-booking 
  • Options to change your flight should your airline permit it due to weather or cancelation.  
  • Duty of care: In an emergency, Sam enables your organization to see where you are when you’re traveling
  • Connect directly with your Travel Manager with a couple of clicks 
  • Allow you to book rides with Lyft, Uber and Grab 
  • Measure your travel stats, and track your mileage against others in your organization 


When a crisis like COVID-19 occurs, it’s important to know quickly that your travelers are safe. That’s why we take an intelligent approach to duty of care, offering 24/7 access to a host of advanced travel risk management tools to ensure you can act fast in a time of emergency.

In response to client needs, we’ve developed a COVID-19 Dashboard, which can be deployed to customers via Secure, our travel risk management solution. The COVID-19 Dashboard is designed to aid all customers by providing accurate and reliable information about the spread of the virus as well as timely departure and arrival reports to assist travel managers locate and communicate with their travelers.

The Dashboard has several components: 

  • Risk Map outlining the location of confirmed cases worldwide
  • Secure Flash Alert tab providing the most up-to-date Critical Alerts issued by WorldAware along with a list of potentially affected travelers
  • Security and health risk ratings per country assisting customers to proactively assess the destinations most frequented by their travelers

Ready to get back to business?

We can help you restart your travel programs and move forward with confidence. Ask us how.