Our top 5 team building activities

20 April 2018

There's a ton of great options for doing some off site team building and whether you want to keep it local or take it somewhere exotic, your Travel Manager and our team at cievents can make it happen.

1. Team MasterChef

How long: Up to three hours.

What it tests: Creativity and the ability to work to a deadline.

Grab an apron, a chef's hat and go head to head against your co-workers in a battle for culinary supremacy.  There's some real chefs on hand to help keep you on the path but the real test comes when you've got to conjure a main course from a box of mystery ingredients.  Even if you're terrible in the kitchen, Team Masterchef will give you a great learning experience.  Everyone likes food and this one brings a fun element along with it.

Beat the box

How long: About two hours.

What it tests: Team collaboration.

Beat the Box is the closest you can get to playing out a Da Vinci code style puzzle without being chased around Europe by shadowy characters.  Your group splits into small teams and is assigned large lockbox. What's inside?  You'll have to use all the clues and some collective nous to figure it out. There's a clock on display that really piles on the time pressure so you've got to think fast and work together to solve the puzzle.  Doing some math with a pen and paper can be humbling, but it just makes cracking the code that much more satisfying.  

Boat building

How long: Up to three hours.

What it tests: Seafaring ability. But mostly perseverance, communication and teamwork.

Sometimes there's no better way to do some team building than by actually building something.  The crew at Sabre is famous for their Kon Tiki challenge where teams are given the tools to build a sturdy, seaworthy boat. It's hands on, challenging and fun. It’s also an excellent excuse to get out of the office and enjoying the sun as we head into spring. Putting the boat together requires everyone to get involved which is a great collaborative exercise.

Whiskey tasting

How long: Put aside an afternoon or evening.

What it tests: Who's most effective at faking their palate sophistication.

America has fantastic distilleries all over the place and chilling out and relaxing with your co-workers over a few nice glasses is a great way to relax an unwind, as well as building team spirit. Forget the inbox, relax and unwind with a glass of something off the top shelf and really get to know your team.

GPS Scavenger hunt

How long: Up to three hours.

What it tests: Team work, collaboration and problem solving.

An exciting new technical twist on the tried and tested formula of the scavenger hunt.  Suitable for either urban or rural settings, this is a great way to get your team interested, test their problem-solving abilities and have a great time seeing who has the nous to be the office Sherlock Holmes.

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