How To Change Your Business Travel Policy

Take your travel policy to the next level. We’ll show you how

With business travel in limbo, this is the perfect opportunity to rethink your travel program.

Sooner or later, business travel will open right back up. When it does, you want your policy to be in tip-top  shape. That means learning from COVID-19 and building a future-proof travel policy that expects the unexpected. Here are the top things to consider:

Put your travelers at ease

Business travel is slowly coming back, but things won’t be normal for a while. Each country will have its own set of rules, and your employees might be hesitant to go back to travel at all.

The best way to put your people at ease is to prioritise safety and security. Create guidelines in your travel policy that encourage travelers to book through designated, trusted channels. You can also team up with a travel management company to provide even more traveler security. They’ll make sure that all travel bookings are with trusted providers and that plans can be rearranged at a moment’s notice.


Let’s talk safety

The first step to enhance duty of care in your travel program? Give your travelers the resources they need in any situation. Our combination of expert travel managers supported by our industry-leading tech, Melon, does just that. 

Track your travelers anywhere, send them alerts and updates, reach them quickly and easily, and offer support all on one platform. We even have a 24/7 support service where your travelers can contact a travel expert no matter where they are.


Dot the i’s. Cross the t’s.

There are some questions that you don’t want to overlook before you send a traveler on their journey.

  • Are you registered with the government while abroad? 
  • Did you purchase insurance? 
  • Do you have the proper visas? 
  • Do you know how to get the right visa? 
  • Who do I contact in an emergency?

If these questions go unanswered, big problems can follow. A simple traveler checklist will ensure that your travelers are prepared for their trip ahead.


'Melon: the healthy travel option'

It’s our all-encompassing tech that gives you access to 4000+ hotels, global airlines, the best deals and rates, 24/7 support, traveler tracking, instant alerts, and much more. 

The best thing you can do for your travel program is back it up with the one platform that has all the answers.

Travel will open back up, so now is the time to review your travel program. Use this travel lull to figure out what works in your current program, what doesn’t, and what it needs to take it to the next level.

Travel program need some TLC?

We’ve got what you need

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