For managers, Your.CT can be used to access live reports and identify areas for improvement, drive travel policy compliance and approve online bookings.


Built for Managers

  • Stay in control of your travel program with instant reporting. Swiftly identify areas where improvements can be made, efficiency improved and money saved.
  • Drive policy understanding and compliance through providing traveler access to travel policy documents and guidance.
  • Travel can be requested and approved through YOUR.CT, helping to drive compliance and savings.

As a manager, you need to maintain control of your company travel program by having easy visibility of your travel spend. We provide you with frequent reporting through live data on YOUR.CT and regular reviews with your dedicated team, allowing you to make strategic decisions on where to make changes and increase savings.

Corporate Traveler can also help support your duty of care policy with traveler tracking technology, 24/7 emergency assistance for your travelers, live travel alerts and a proactive response from your dedicated Travel Manager in the case of an emergency. You’ll streamline your booking process and remove hassle for your bookers and travelers, saving them time and increasing their productivity.

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