Solving carry-on conundrums

Beating the check in queues, punching through security and getting in the taxi rank first are all benefits from being a carry on traveler. Getting your carry on right is a huge time saver for nearly every step of your journey but it can take a little forethought to strike the balance between efficiency and having to cull some important items.

Choose the right bag

Finding the perfect carry on bag will invariably have you analysing everything the pros and cons of everything from a messenger bag to an elegant tote.
The real key to carry on is getting the dimensions right. Do you know what the size restrictions are on your preferred airlines?  Make a note before you buy and you'll never have to explain yourself at the gate.  Wheel are also terrific until you get a kink or a break.  Most airlines wont cover the cost of replacing a wheel either, which can be a massive headache if you're only at the start of your trip.  Take a look at bags that have retractable wheels.  You'll automatically reduce the wear and tear element and extend the life your purchase.

Keeping It tidy

More is more when it comes to pockets and compartments.  You're liable to be handling a number of items repeatedly like your wallet , headphones, handheld devices, chargers and sunglasses.  If you're on a longer flight or trip, you'll likely need a few extra items, like toiletries, an extra layer or change of clothes, maybe even an inflatable pillow.  Rummaging through all that is annoying when it's confined to an overhead bin. Trust in multiple compartments.  You'll find things faster and reduce the likelihood of you leaving them on the plan or losing them altogether.

Ditch your laptop

If you could search through the carry-on luggage of most business travellers today, you would probably find that most of them carry a phone, an iPad and a laptop.  You're never taking off without your phone but do you really need your laptop? If you are largely relying on email, consider leaving the laptop at home. There's great note taking apps available on iOS and Android as well as document viewers and cloud drive storage so you can easily access anything important from your handheld device.