Enhanced security measures for U.S bound flights

The united states department of homeland security has recently released changes to global aviation security requirements that will effect all inbound flights to the united states. These measures include both changes effecting passengers directly, such as enhanced screening and changes to rules regarding electronic devices, as well as changes to security standards which will effect airlines and operators.

The changes will impact travel from 105 countries, as many as 280 airports, 180 airlines and more than 2,000 daily flights and are to come into effect on July 19. The measures are focused around improving security at the point of departure in order to remove the need for measures such as the recent laptop ban while maintaining security and safety standards.

Measures such as more intensive scrutiny of boarding passengers and their personal electronic devices, greater security in passenger areas and in aircraft themselves, expanded use of canine units, advanced technologies and more pre-clearance locations and checkpoints.

It has been confirmed that none of these measures will impact the ability of an airline to offer kiosk or online check in, although it is believed that practices such as asking travelers to turn-on devices at security checkpoints might become more common. Travelers are advised to allow a little extra time for their check-in and security screening during the transition period. 

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact your corporate traveler travel manager