ZVRS Case Study

ZVRS Case Study


ZVRS, a cutting-edge videoconferencing technology company, was seeking a new TMC following its acquisition of a leading U.S. video relay service provider. Their technology is built around the needs of those who are deaf and hard of hearing. ZVRS also employs a significant number of similarly affected people. 

The ZVRS challenge

The company struggled with a lack of email support, especially outside normal business hours, which led to frustrated travelers and several service complaints.


The Corporate Traveler solution

ZVRS partnered with Corporate Traveler in December of 2017. Corporate Traveler's minimum service level agreements and dedicated service model immediately alleviated the frustration travelers were previously experiencing. Travelers now had a single point of contact to assist with their travel needs.

Corporate Traveler also introduced their new mobile app, Sam, designed to carry business travelers through every step of their travel journey as a support system and helpful advisor of travel tips and information. Sam not only fulfills all essential travel management functions but also tracks travelers’ locations, tells them where to claim their bags, notifies them about flight changes, informs them about travel time to the airport and helps them book ground transportation. The app also provides real-time traffic information, interactive city guides, weather updates and gate changes.

The Outcome

"It’s not just about travel disruptions, but efficiencies. When the plane lands, the airlines make announcements about baggage reclaim. Deaf employees have to wait for the screens to show them where their baggage will be. Sam shows you that information so none of ZVRS’s employees have to wait."

Corporate Traveler's dedicated support, combined with the technology of Sam, vastly improved the travel experience for ZVRS employees.

ZVSR Corporate Traveler Sam Case Study





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"We want to use the app to simplify the interaction fl ow so the [agent] can spend time servicing the traveler. That will soon include AI-enhanced self-booking through the app, with options based on user behavior and company policy, which will allow travelers to book on the spot without agent involvement. Considering booking on Sam happens through chat and that Sam has programmatic settings behind ground transportation, the AI at work within Sam isn’t obvious. But it’s there - and it is getting more advanced"

- John Morhous, Chief Strategy Officer of the Americas, Flight Centre Travel Group

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