Cyrusone case study: Securing a long-term travel management partner


CyrusOne houses data for some of the largest companies in the U.S., ensuring the integrity and security of their client's data. Since 2001, they have designed, built and operated reliable high-security data centers in over 30 locations worldwide serving more than 900 customers.


CyrusOne needed an experience that was personalized, something that they were not receiving from their previous travel management company (TMC). They moved from another TMC where they were not receiving the bespoke, personalized experience they needed. Travel was organized through a call-center with rotating staff, rather than a specific individual that handled their account, creating inefficiencies and unsatisfactory outcomes.

The Corporate Traveler Solution

We provided a dedicated travel consultant supported by a small team to manage CyrusOne’s account. The entire team was familiar with the client’s particular needs, the details of their travel plan and the specifics of their purchasing policy. We implemented features such as an Online Booking Tool for their travelers, which allowed us to support their program and grow our team along with their needs as they evolved.


CyrusOne was so satisfied with Corporate Traveler’s solution to their challenges, and with their dedicated travel manager in particular, that years on our relationship with Corporate Traveler still is strong. Where in the past they had been consistently dissatisfied, changing travel managers quickly. We provided a solution that makes it simple to book with an agent, because the agent and their team know everything about what matters to the bookers to the travelers themselves.


"I have been working with Corporate Traveler since March 2015 and have found the company to be world class. During the RFP process, procurement decided to go with a different TMC despite the feedback of the end users. That relationship ended in less than a year and we have been working with Corporate Traveler since. They handle all of the travel for the entire company, including executive officers and members of our Board of Directors. They are unfallingly efficient and reliable. I have found them to be prompt to respond to every request and creative in suggesting travel options. Perhaps the most valuable attribute, however, is the exemplary customer service. They always provide me with exceptional service and are instrumental in organizing all of our travel needs."

Celina Lively, Executive Assistant to the CEO