Corporate Traveler


The smarter way to pay for your hotel accommodations

Traditional corporate payment products such as plastic corporate cards, ghost cards and purchasing cards, have a 16-digit number that is used for multiple transactions. The risk of fraud is high and reconciliation is time-consuming.

Corporate Traveler is pleased to offer our clients an alternative option to corporate and traveler-specific credit cards, using Virtual Card technology. Each transaction is assigned its own unique 16-digit number in less than one second and securely passed to the supplier. Booking to payment matching is done automatically.

There are 2 options to implement:

  1. Use Corporate Traveler’s line of credit
  • very simple to set up
  • we pay for hotel stays and invoice you per credit terms
  • 5 day turnaround
  1. Use your own line of credit*:
  • via a pre-funded solution with eNett International – where you set up an account with eNett and fund it like a debit card – get 0.5% cash back each month
  • via an integrated banking partner – requires setting up a virtual card account – discuss with your banking partner Account Manager

Corporate Traveler is happy to assist you in the conversations with the funding provider if necessary. The banking process can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks depending on your bank. eNett can be turned around typically within 10 business days.

*Once the funding account has been established, Corporate Traveler can complete the set up within 10-15 business days. During configuration, you will have the opportunity to set allowances for payment (i.e. Room and Tax Only, Room Tax and Wifi, All Charges, etc). If using your own line of credit via eNett or your bank, you will have access to a monthly reconciliation platform that matches the booked travel data to the financial transaction.


  • Reduced risk
  • More control
  • Enhanced data
  • Improved traveler experience
  • Automatic reconciliation

Integrated Banking Partners

  • WEX
  • Air Plus
  • American Express
  • Bank of America
  • Diners Club
  • eNett (pre-funded solution)
  • MasterCard
  • US Bank
  • Visa
  • Wells Fargo