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US Airways Final Flight

The last US Airways flight to ever take off was Flight 1939 renamed for the year the airline was founded. The flight departed San Francisco on Friday evening October 17th and landed in Philadelphia the following Saturday morning. This follows a merger with American Airlines in 2013 and the airline receiving its single operating certificate from the FAA in April, which means all flights now operate under the American call sign. US Airways joins other defunct airlines such as TWA, Continental, Eastern, PanAm and Northwest that also disappeared from the skies.

Flight 1939's last day trek started off in Philadelphia, with stops in Charlotte, Phoenix and San Francisco, with the curtains closing on its way back to Philadelphia. Each gate throughout the day celebrated the airline's farewell flight with decorations, US-branded airplane models, souvenirs and cupcakes. "Thank you for joining us on the very last US Airways flight," a flight attendant announced onboard the final redeye flight. "We look forward to making new memories with you on American Airlines." After finally touching down in Philadelphia, passengers were applauded by a huge crowd at the gate.

Behind the scenes, the important work has been taking place. American formulated a three-month "drain down" process as opposed to an abrupt overnight changeover. US Airways reservations have been getting moved since mid-July to ensure a smooth transition unlike the one United Airlines experienced when merging with Continental Airlines, which resulted in months of delays and cancellations. Airports around the country had also begun the final stage of merging the two reservation systems and replacing signage leading up to Flight 1939.