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Thousands Descend on Washington for Women’s March 2017

You may or may not be aware that as many as 200,000 people will be descending on Washington D.C this Saturday for the Women’s March.  If your business travel plans take you in or around the Washington area this week then you may want to adjust your plans unless you are planning to attend the march itself.

Christopher T.Geldart, the director of homeland security for the district of Columbia stated recently that law enforcement operations in Washington are preparing for a crowd of up to 400,000 people. He said his office was monitoring reservations on Amtrak, for charter buses and for motel and hotel rooms, as well as comparing the event to previous marches to better estimate the size of the coming crowd. He said his office was also planning for the possibility that other demonstrations could occur that day.

“We’re basically not going to stand anything down after the inauguration,” Mr. Geldart said, referring to the additional police and National Guard units that will be in the capital to assist local law enforcement authorities. “We’re leaving that stuff in place.”

The march is dues to start at 10 a.m at Independence Avenue and Third Street S.W., which is near the National Museum of the American Indian, and could last up until 5pm. Thousands descending on the city are travelling from within the United States and internationally as well, so expect crowding on both ground travel and at local airports. There are coaches arriving in busloads from as far as New York and Toronto and traffic in and out of Washington is anticipated. Hotels and accommodation are also affected and as a result of both the march and the inauguration, they are at their peak. 

If you are not travelling for the March but your business travel plans are unavoidable, just remember that your Corporate Travel team are here to assist in the instance of any unexpected delays or cancellations and to allow plenty of time for any departures. Additionally remember to stay vigilant and use safe traveler practices.