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Supporting your employees through the festive season

A new survey from Randstad reveals Australians are more addicted to checking work emails during the holidays compared with employees from other nations.

A total of 35 per cent of Australians said they planned to keep an eye on their email accounts over Christmas, compared to 26 per cent of British workers, 29 per cent of Canadian workers and 25 per cent of New Zealanders.

Many Australian employees are also taking on work responsibilities beyond just the simple email check. 45 per cent said they use various methods to stay up to date with what's happening at the office and 29 per cent have trouble leaving work tasks alone during the break.

The figures highlight just how dedicated many Australians are to their jobs despite Australian employers not being as demanding about holiday work compared to other countries.

The survey showed just 22 per cent of employees were expected to be available for work during the break. In contrast, 58 per cent of employers in China expect their staff to be ready to work during the holidays, as do 56 per cent of employers in India and 40 per cent in Hong Kong.

"We all know the business world doesn’t stop over summer, however it’s important employees are encouraged to take a well-earned break over the Christmas period in order to recharge for the upcoming year," Randstad Group Director of HR and Recruitment Specialists Steve Shepherd said.