Corporate Traveler

Corporate Traveler Hurricane Response

The recent devastating hurricanes that have hit parts of the U.S. and its neighbors have caused terrible damage, tragedy and heartbreak for so many. Corporate Traveler has clients all over the world, including in areas like Houston that have been so badly effected by recent events, and our hearts go out to them in these terrible times. We are proud to have stood by our clients and travelers during these troubles as our staff have demonstrated yet again the value of having a team of seasoned professionals on your side.

We planned ahead for Hurricane Irma, every team pitching in to help keep on-hold times down and find solutions quickly for our travelers. With over 450 calls in two days, we managed to keep the average hold time under 40 seconds, promptly getting our customers the help they needed. We are incredibly proud of how our staff performed under pressure, with 40 different agents answering calls and stepping up to do their part to get our clients to safety or their destinations.

On Friday September 1, employees at Corporate Traveler and across the Flight Centre Travel Group dressed down in exchange for a donation of $5 or more. We were able to raise nearly $14,000 which was matched by FCTG, enabling us to donate more than $27,000 dollars to the American Red Cross: Hurricane Harvey Relief fund. Corporate Traveler and the FCTG family are proud to stand by our clients, in good times and bad, providing them with the support they need in times of crisis to stay safe, get home and carry on with business.

If you would like to join us in supporting the efforts of the American Red Cross to provide relief to the victims of these disasters, click here to make a donation.