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Brisbane Airport is Shaping the Future of Travel

Brisbane Airport has partnered with Air New Zealand and SITA (the world's leading specialist in air transport communications and information technology), to launch the SITA Smart Path facial recognition technology. “This is a great opportunity for passengers to help shape the future of travel,” said Roel Hellemons, GM Strategic Planning and Development for Brisbane Airport Corporation.

In 2016, Passengers reported having a more pleasurable and positive airline experience, and the implementation of the SITA Smart Path looks to improve on that experience.  “Australia has long been recognized as a leader in secure border management and passenger processing,” said SITA President, Asia-Pacific, Sumesh Patel. SITA provides border management solutions to over 30 Governments, including Australia and New Zealand. The appeal of the SITA Smart Path is that it uses infrastructures familiar to passengers, kiosks and boarding gates, while linking travel documents and biometric data seamlessly.

 Passengers begin their journey by checking in at a self-serving kiosk where they will be scanned and verified. Next, they head to a self-automated boarding gate that verifies their identity through facial recognition software. Lastly, they head to their seat and proceed with their journey. After the initial verification at check-in, there is no longer a need to present boarding passes, travel documents or passports again. SITA says, “Any airport and any airline using common-use platform can use Smart Path.”

“This is a single, secure, self-service process which simplifies passenger processing for everyone – airlines, airports and border authorities.”Sumesh Patel, President SITA, Asia-Pacific

Air Zealand is the first airline to trial the Smart Path, with plans to extend the service to other international airports in the coming months.

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