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Australian government launches web page for business travel

The Australian Government has announced a new website specifically for business travellers.

The new webpage is an offshoot of the current Smartraveller site run by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and provides some handy tips for Australian employers and individual employees when it comes to business travel.

In creating the webpage, the Government hopes to raise awareness about the importance of travel planning, risk management and safety considerations. They stress these considerations are important, even if the destinations concerned are seen as low risk.

There are several categories of advice on the webpage, ranging from general planning tips to what to do in the case of civil unrest, violent crime, terrorism or kidnapping.

Additionally, the new business travel page also covers topics such as mitigation measures, cyber-crime and information security, fraud, extortion and bribery and commercial disputes or civil litigation.

The webpage is designed to be used in conjunction with the existing Smartraveller website, which provides country-specific travel advice for anyone going overseas.
For companies looking to bolster their travel policies in regards to traveller safety, working with an experienced travel manager can provide some much-needed assistance and expert guidance.

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