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Air India Celebrates International Women’s Day With A Guinness World Record

Just in time for International Women’s Day, Air India set a Guinness World Record when their all-female crew recently completed a round-the-world trip. The aircraft started its journey in New Delhi (DEL) and flew over the Pacific Ocean in route to San Francisco (SFO). After a mandatory rest in SFO, the flight crew completed their global expedition by returning to New Delhi over the Atlantic Ocean. In addition to the flight’s cabin and cockpit crew, the check-in staff, ground staff, air traffic controllers who cleared the departure and arrival, and engineers who certified the aircraft were all women. Additionally, this also marks the first time the line operations audit for an around the world trip was performed by a female officer. Line Operations Safety Audit or LOSA is a safety management program that helps identify risks within airline operations. 

“The entire flight was operated by the women staff of eight departments, these departments included cockpit crew, cabin crew, check-in staff, doctor, customer care staff, ATC (air traffic control) and the entire ground handling from operator to technician, engineer and flight dispatcher and trimmer.” – Air India

The entire journey covered approximately 15,300km (9500mi) in 15½ hours in a Boeing 777. Captain Kshamata Bajpayee described the experience as a “dream come true” and stated, “This flight is a symbol that every single male-dominated function can be carried out by a woman safely and efficiently.”

This is not the first-time Air India has made history celebrating women. Last year, the airline operated 20 all-women -crewed flights domestically and internationally. Air India was also the first airline to operate a domestic flight with an all-female crew in 1985.