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Will the Apple Watch keep your business trips ticking over?

There's plenty of anticipation about the Apple Watch and with Air New Zealand recently unveiling details of its very own app for the device, technophiles and business travellers are wondering what the device will add to the travel experience.

Air New Zealand passengers will be able to access flight information and notifications including boarding calls, a departure countdown feature and an electronic boarding pass from their Apple Watch.

Visitors to Air New Zealand lounges will even be able to order coffees with the device.

In the accommodation sector, Marriott is developing an app for the Apple Watch with check-in features, room status notifications and an Apple Pay function.

Intercontinental Hotels Group is also launching the IHG Translator app for the Apple Watch to help international travellers translate phrases from 13 languages.

While these apps might sound like wrist mounted copies of what's already available on smartphones and tablets, it's important to note those platforms fundamentally changed the business travel landscape with concepts like mobile check in and boarding passes.

The Google Glass was seen as the trailblazer for wearable technology in the travel experience with helpful features including interactive maps, live flight updates at the world's airports and hotel and flight searches.

Unfortunately for those of us who were hoping a for heads up displays to guide us through an unfamiliar city, online tech sources suggest development on the Google Glass is being scaled back.

Time will tell what innovative features airlines, airports and hotels will introduce with the Apple Watch but if the Google Glass is parked permanently, there'll be a large hole to fill in wearable tech for travellers.

A hole that could be filled by the Apple Watch.