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Technology features strongly in the future of leisure and business travel

A new report from travel comparison service Skyscanner has predicted virtual reality, digital travel companions and more gadgets will play a central role in the future of travel.

The Future of Travel 2024 suggests travel services will be able to use intuitive tools to plan trips according to traveller preferences.

The technology will support a process where preferences including hotel selections, hand luggage and preferred flying time are used to create trips that are more personalised.

The report anticipates wearable technology with functions incorporating foreign language translators as well as GPS maps throughout a location will become popular.

Virtual reality is also tipped to become a big part of future travel. Try before you buy websites will allow travellers to experience the sights and sounds of a destination before they even leave their house.

For travellers, VR could also be used to take a virtual tour of potential accommodation, see chefs preparing food or staff preparing the room for their arrival.

"We are at the start of a journey that will see personalisation of content and advances in areas such as Artificial Intelligence that will totally change once again the way we book and take our holidays," said Skyscanner Head of B2B Filip Filipov.