Corporate Traveler

Self-booking tools help save time

When it comes to organising business travel efficiently, the booking process is key.

Planning ahead and adhering to the company policy is useful for booking more affordable business airfares but it can also take valuable time away from employees.

In order to resolve this issue, many companies are turning to additional sources of assistance.

Working with an experienced Travel Manager can be one solution to save time and money by gaining the advantage of professional expertise and access to a wider range of offers and products.

A Travel Manager can equip companies with useful tools such as self-booking technologies. These are designed to be easy to use and highly efficient, cutting down the time required to make a booking and ensuring employees stick to travel policy.

According to a 2013 study from travel solutions company Amadeus, 59 per cent of UK businesses already have an online self-booking tool in place for their travelling employees with 53 per cent of the respondents use this tool to make more than half of bookings.

The more advanced the booking technology is, the more useful it can be for employees who are short on time. A good online booking tool should also contain information about preferred suppliers and implement the correct approval processes, to ensure compliance with travel policy.