Corporate Traveler

Keeping compliance in check

Creating a strong travel policy is just the first step to cutting your travel spending.

Ensuring your staff comply with a new travel policy is the second, and often more difficult, step in keeping control of your travel costs. 

Keeping your staff compliant isn't always easy but with some help from a professional, you can implement some simple safeguards to increase booking compliance with your staff.

1. Visual notifications

Automating your policy online with Corporate Traveler's EXPERT online booking is the first line of defense against policy leakage. Streamlining your bookings with our online tool gives your staff cost control reminders throughout the booking process as well as notifications for any break in policy.

2. Approver authorization

You can nominate a designated travel authorizer from your company to approve any bookings that fall outside of policy. EXPERT online booking will automatically email your travel authorizer with booking details and notify them of any breaks in policy prior to trip approval.

3. Travel Manager authorization

Your dedicated Travel Manager can also act as an additional check and balance. If you're not using our online tool, booking directly with your Travel Manager will ensure compliance with your travel policy.

4. Post trip reporting

Having access to accurate post trip reporting also helps you identify areas where your company is suffering from travel policy leaks. Corporate Traveler's EXPERT reporting can give you customized data pinpointing lost savings, rates of compliance by individual travelers and additional areas for improvement.

Find out more about EXPERT online booking and EXPERT reporting.


by Simone Seiler
General Manager Australia - Corporate Traveller