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How to create a travel management plan

Setting up a travel management plan is a great way to cut your company's expenditure on business travel.

Research by CIPS Knowledge showed business can reduce their travel spend by between 10 and 30 per cent  by outlining the project plan, collecting business travel information from management, conducting a staff survey, putting the plan into action and following up on the plan once it is implemented.

Step 1: Outline the project plan

In a 2014 survey by Business Travel News both small, medium and large organisations were asked their views on travel management plans. A common theme was that they are useful no matter the size of the organisation, however they require management support.

Step 2: Collect business travel information from management

Conduct an audit of the current travel practices of the organisation and see how this aligns with a projected plan. If your company has a Corporate Social Responsibility policy, be sure to consider when drafting the policy and reflected in the final document.

Step 3: Conduct a staff travel survey

An important step to assess the travel patterns and preferences of staff and to gauge their willingness for different, more cost effective options.

Step 4: Put the plan into action

Once you have collected information from management and employees you will be able to draft objectives and targets based on the information. Keep the plan simple as it needs to be easy to understand and implement.

Get feedback on the plan from within the organisation, make any suggested changes and pass the plan on to management for them to sign off on it.

Step 5: Follow up

Now that it is all signed off it is important to make sure you and your employees stick to it. A newsletter that is available via email or intranet is one way to to inform staff about the company's travel management plan.

Quarterly reviews of the travel management plan will help monitor the effectiveness of the plan and areas where improvements are needed.